‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Brown Gives Hint About Baby’s Name

Raiven Brown made sure to ask people to watch Alaskan Bush People on Sunday. Per usual, plenty of people commented on her post, and as always, she responded to many of them. One of these comments even hinted at what her baby’s name could be.

Here is a look at what Raiven said about her upcoming rainbow baby.

Raiven Brown hints at second baby’s name


Raiven Brown posted a photo of her and Bear while she held River close to her. She then reminded everyone that Alaskan Bush People airs on Sunday nights on Discovery Channel. In the comments, many people commented on their lovely family, and then one person asked if Raiven and Bear had come up with a name for baby number two yet.

Raiven responded. She wrote, “River has a long name haha Middle names are Anthony Billy and Isaiah. And yes we’ve picked this baby’s name. He will have two middle names.” While she has not sprung the actual name, it sounds like he will follow in his big brother’s footsteps with multiple middle names.

Raiven Brown on IG

Raiven has had a tough pregnancy

Raiven Brown and Bear have one child already with two-year-old River Anthony Billy Isaiah Brown. The two then suffered through heartbreak in 2021 when Raiven experienced a miscarriage of their second baby. The two ended up separated but then got back together, Bear proposed, and they married in January 2022.

In March, Raiven announced she was pregnant with the couple’s second child. While she has not officially given a baby name to the fans, it is likely a good idea since her pregnancy has not gone completely smoothly. In September, the Alaskan Bush People star announced she had a pregnancy scare.

Raiven Brown and Bear on Alaskan Bush People

“Had a little scare with baby boy this week. So this mama will be taking it super easy,” she posted at the time. Fans told her to rest and take it easy. With this being her rainbow baby, there is an increased risk, but as time goes on, Raiven seems to be growing more excited.

Earlier this month, Raiven posted another baby bump photo. She also said at the time that she couldn’t wear her wedding ring anymore with her finger swelling up during the pregnancy.

It is not clear how much of Raiven Brown’s pregnancy will play out this season on Alaskan Bush People. Right now, Bear and Raiven are settling higher up the mountain as Bear tries to make a new home for himself and his family. The pregnancy announcement should come this season, but how far it will go will be determined later this season.

Did you watch Alaskan Bush People this week? Are you excited about Raiven Brown and Bear’s next baby? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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