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‘ABP’ Bear Brown Considered Too Dangerous For TikTok

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Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown decided to follow his wife Raiven’s lead and start his own TikTok account. However, things did not go well with that first outing. Bear Brown immediately saw TikTok take action against his account.

This should come as no surprise to Alaskan Bush People fans. Here is what happened and how Bear dealt with the backlash.

Bear Brown joins TikTok and gets censored

Bear Brown has always been the king of extreme when it comes to the Alaskan Bush People siblings. While Bam Brown says “respect the danger,” Bear Brown just likes to blow things up. That made it no surprise when his first TikTok post went over the lines that the social media platform set for its users.

Bear Brown - Alaskan Bush People

Bear’s first post on TikTok showed a burning fire. Bear then ran toward the fire and leaped through the flames and hit the ground rolling. TikTok immediately put a stop to that video. It ended up with a black screen that read “Removed for “Dangerous Acts.” Bear added it back, and there was a warning that it was a dangerous stunt, but since then, the post ended up deleted completely.

Fans can still see the original post, as Bear cross-posted it to Instagram. In the original with the fire, he captioned it, “I’m pleased to announce! That I have my very own TikTok profile now! I don’t have many videos up yet but if you’d like to follow me on TikTok click on the link in my bio.” He then posted a second Instagram post with the screen that showed what TikTok determined about his video, with a snide comment that he is “too extreme for TikTok.”

Interestingly, take a close look at the post and some Alaskan Bush People fans might find it curious that estranged brother Matt Brown liked Bear’s post.

Bear Brown TikTok post

Bear Brown and Riven having problems?

Most Alaskan Bush People fans might see Bear Brown on TikTok and quickly think that he is following Raiven’s pattern. She has always prioritized TikTok and then cross-posted to Instagram. However, the timing might be a little strange.

Sometime in the last week, Raiven deleted every picture and video post from her Instagram account outside of one batch of photos of River and her latest ultrasound photos of her new baby. She also unfollowed Bear Brown on IG and he unfollowed her as well. It was just a few months ago that Bear went to jail for domestic abuse charges. Now, many fans are wondering if something has happened again.

Bear has been very busy on social media between his TikTok account and selling new shirts to fans, but he has said nothing about Raiven and she has gone on a social media break.

Are you shocked that Bear Brown got in trouble the second he joined TikTok? Are you watching this season of Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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