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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Shares 22-Week Photos

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown is pregnant with her and Bear Brown’s second child. The baby is due at the start of 2023, and the reality TV star has shared her journey this far with her fans on social media.

Her latest posts show off her 22-week baby bump. Here is a look at the new photos and updates on her rainbow baby.

Raiven Brown shows off 22-week baby bump

Raiven and River camping out on Alaskan Bush People

Raiven Brown just celebrated her 22nd week of pregnancy with her rainbow baby. Bear and Raiven have two-year-old River and she suffered through a miscarriage last year. Now, she is pregnant once again, and it looks like things are going well.

The Alaskan Bush People star got married to Bear in January 2022. Just weeks after his arrest for alleged domestic abuse, she ended up pregnant again with their second child. The baby is due around the beginning of February, and Raiven has shown off photos of her growing baby bump with fans.

The latest photo was her 22-week photo, and she faced the camera before turning sideways to the camera. She then mentioned in the comments that she can’t wear her wedding ring anymore at this stage of the pregnancy because it is now too small for her fingers.

Raiven Brown 22 week baby bump | Alaskan Bush People

Raiven Brown on Alaskan Bush People‘s new season

The first episode of the new season of Alaskan Bush People showed small clips of Raiven Brown and Bear’s wedding in the intro, but the actual season started three weeks after the wedding. That means some big things are coming around the bend for the couple.

For Raiven and Bear, they are moving further up the mountain at this point. This episode showed Bear helping his brothers (Gabe and Bam Bam) move some trees they cut down to the ranch to rebuild after the fire from last year. Raiven also had a confessional about how things are not always easy in her relationship with Bear. Meanwhile, Bear spoke to Birdie about how the most important thing in his life is River, but that he feels he has already failed as a husband and dad.

This could lead to a massive moment, as this move up the mountain was only a short time before Bear’s arrest for domestic abuse. The wedding was on January 16 and Bear’s arrest was on March 11. Raiven then got pregnant around the end of April, beginning of May. Depending on what Alaskan Bush People will show this season, Bear’s arrest and Raiven’s pregnancy announcement should play into the season’s story for the couple.

Did you watch the Alaskan Bush People season premiere? What were your thoughts on Raiven and Bear moving up the mountain? Let us known in the comments below.

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