‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Deletes Instagram Posts, Unfollows Bear Brown

Raiven Brown with River - Bear's IG

In a sudden move, Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown has deleted almost every photo on her Instagram account. She also announced she is taking a “social media break.” It seems that all might not be well with her and Bear as she enters the third trimester of her pregnancy.

Here is what we know about Raiven and Bear Brown right now.

Raiven Brown deletes Bear from her Instagram account

Bear Raiven Brown and Ami - Bear's IG

Last week, things looked strange as Raiven Brown deleted a bunch of posts from her Instagram account. However, this past weekend, she went all the way. She only has two posts left on her account. There is a photo of River smiling at the camera. There are also her latest video images of her recent ultrasound. She also deleted all the comments that people made about the photos and locked it to further comments.

Looking further into it, and she has also quit following Bear Brown on Instagram. Heading over to his account and he has also quit following Raiven’s account as well. Bear is still following his brothers and sisters, including Matt Brown, but is no longer following Raiven.

Raiven posted last week for people to watch the show, but now there is nothing about the series on her Instagram account. While she is no longer following Bear on Instagram, she is still following Rain, Noah, Raquell, Rhain, and Gabe. Raiven also changed the name on her account from Raiven Brown to “boy_m0mx2.”

Raiven Brown IG

Bear Brown still active on Instagram

The last photos of Raiven Brown and Bear together were from five days ago on his account. These were Halloween photos of Raiven and River dressed up. While Raiven has quit posting outside of her ultrasound photos (also from five days ago), Bear has been posting throughout. However, it has been nothing about Raiven.

Last Wednesday, Bear thanked fans for getting some websites who have posted hurtful things about him and his family to stop. On Friday, he promised a big surprise for the next day. That surprise was shirts he designed and plans to sell, which he unveiled on Saturday. He released a second post with an up close still photo of the shirt’s logo. Finally, on Sunday, he announced he wasn’t in that night’s Alaskan Bush People episode much, but he wanted people to tune in and watch his family.

Raiven Brown and River - Bear's IG

Earlier this year, police arrested Bear Brown on domestic abuse charges. He received a plea deal where if he stays out of trouble until December, including with Raiven, the courts will drop the charges. There is no word on if anything has happened between them, but this could be bad for Bear if something happened.

Raiven Brown still on TikTok for now

As for Raiven’s other mode of communicating with fans, her TikTok account still has all its videos on it. The last one was the ultrasound release and there was an interesting back and forth on it with no context. One person wrote, “Glad he’s staying out for the time being. Was worried after such a long pause after your last update. Continued prayers.” Raiven responded, “I had made Two updates on Instagram sorry.”

Raiven also has the official delivery date on her TikTok account, with February 3, 2023, as the estimated date of delivery.

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