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‘ABP’ Noah Brown Gives Shocking News On New Island Home

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Noah Brown spent the entire last season of Alaskan Bush People looking for a new home in Alaska. However, now that he has found it, he has delivered some shocking news to fans about his new island home.

It completely changes everything about what Noah was saying during the season. Here is what Noah really plans to use this new island home for.

Noah Brown not moving back to Alaska

Noah Brown with Bear | Instagram

In some shocking news, Noah Brown took to Instagram and posted a couple of photos of his new island home. He spent the entire last season of Alaskan Bush People looking for a new home. According to Noah during the season, he wanted to raise his kids the same way he was raised – in the bush of Alaska. However, that is not the reality of the move.

In the new Instagram post, the overhead shot of the island and the shot from a plane of the house on the island were accompanied by text on the screen that read, “We can hardly wait to go back to our island, every summer.” The addition of “every summer” had fans confused in the comments.

The top comment on the page asked, “Will you all ever permanently move up there, or just summers?” That was when Noah answered and let them know the truth about his new home in Alaska. He is not moving up there, and it will be a summer home for his family for now. However, he said, “once I have it perfect we are going to retire to the Island and give our sons the house that we own in Washington.”

While this goes against what Noah Brown was saying during the season, it also could be true if taken in a different way. He wants to raise his kids in Alaska where they can live the Alaskan life, but he will only do that in the summer. Knowing how harsh the winters are in Alaska, he likely wants to keep his home in Washington to keep them safe. There is also the fact that his wife Rhain wants them in school, and that means not living on an island in Alaska year-round while they are growing up.

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Will this affect Alaskan Bush People?

While a lot of fans in the comments seemed mad that Alaskan Bush People misled them, this could still work out well for the show. Since most of the last season took place in the spring and summer, this could still give fans a chance to see Noah Brown in Alaska next season when he is there in the summer working on the house and island around it.

He will also still be around with his family, helping them on the ranch. While fans in the comments seem mad that Noah Brown is not going back to Alaska for good, it is his family and his business. He plans to retire there, but clearly, his family is more important to him than the fans’ opinions.

What are your thoughts about Noah Brown not moving back to Alaska, and only using the new home as a summer house? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I agree with him about his kids going to school and about tn Alaska. And him staying in Washington and helping his family .I wish that all family’s were like his.helping each other and sticking together.looking forward to seeing them soon.
    Love all of you all.

  2. No Billy Browns wife has plenty of money to hire help on that farm, it should not be the kids responsibility to stay there and help, she don’t help at all, she stands there and just gives orders to the kids !!!

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