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‘ABP’ Noah Brown Shares Story Of His New Alaskan Home

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On the Alaskan Bush People season finale, Noah Brown shared a story with his brother Gabe about the island he just bought. While the story seemed farfetched, it appeared to mean a lot to Noah, and his brother felt the same.

Here is why Noah’s new home is so special for the young man as he prepares to move his family there.

Noah Brown shares story about new home

There was a moment when Noah Brown and Gabe were working together to salvage materials from his old home for his family’s new home. Noah stopped and hopped into the back of his truck. Taking a seat, he asked if Gabe wanted to hear a story. Gabe showed interest.

Noah Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

Noah then said that he didn’t realize it, but the island he bought has sentimental meaning to him. He chose this island because it was far enough away from neighbors to keep it private. He also liked that he and his family could build around the home on the island as well. With that said, Noah realized something after the fact.

Noah explained to Gabe that he and their dad, Billy, were out on the water in Alaska 15 years ago. He said that Billy looked at an island (Mystery Island) and said he would own that island one day. Noah then said that it would be cool if his dad owned that island, and he owned a smaller one close by. It turned out that the island Noah mentioned to his dad about owning was the one he ended up buying this season.

Gabe seemed surprised, and Noah looked very happy with this memory. It looks like fate ensured the Alaskan Bush People star owned this island one day.

Noah Brown preparing to move back to Alaska

There is no word on whether there will be another season of Alaskan Bush People. However, the odds remain high that the Discovery Channel will bring it back. The show ranked in the top 98% of all reality TV shows this year for fan interest. With that number, the Brown siblings should get another season, and Noah Brown could provide its best story.

Noah Brown talking to Gabe - episode screencap

One thing that fans have complained about for years is that the Browns no longer live in Alaska, or in the bush. While the rest of the family has transitioned into ranchers in Washington, Noah wants to go back to the bush. While he won’t be living completely on the land, he will have a home on a small island and will be back where the show started when it arrived so many years back.

Noah Brown moving his family to Alaska would be the perfect storyline for the next season of Alaskan Bush People. Fans who miss the old days should be all in if that happens.

What are your thoughts about Noah Brown’s story to Gabe on Alaskan Bush People? Is this a happy coincidence or just another story for the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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