‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown’s Wife Raiven Takes A Break

Bear Brown and Raiven - episode screencap

Last week, Raiven Brown worried Alaskan Bush People fans when she deleted all but two of her social media posts. She also unfollowed her husband Bear Brown for a short time. However, she was back on social media for a quick explanation and a new photo.

Raiven explained she was on a “social media break,” and insinuated that people shouldn’t read into these things.

Bear Brown’s wife on social media


Raiven Brown has always been a lightning rod for controversy. A lot of it is thanks to her marrying Bear Brown and their rocky relationship. However, she also brings a lot of it on herself when she confronts fans on social media for things that they say. This causes her often to have arguments with people online. Examples include her defense of Bear after she had him arrested for domestic abuse and then later her demands that people stop asking about Matt Brown, saying they don’t know the truth.

Raiven Brown - episode screencap

In her recent Instagram post, she explained that she is just taking a break. She posted a cute picture of River smiling at the camera and then wrote, “Lol I’m just taking a break from Instagram yall… but look at how big river is.” This was likely in reaction to the recent rumors that there was more trouble between her and Bear Brown. At the time of the break, she had unfollowed Bear and deleted all of his photos from her timeline. She has since returned many of them and re-followed him.

However, Raiven then clarified that this is not a full social media break, but just a break from Instagram. When asked if she was also taking a break from TikTok, she said “not as much. I get more hate on Instagram so tiktok is still fun for me!” That makes it sound like a lot of people have been harassing her on Instagram, or possibly just posting things she didn’t agree with.

Raiven Brown IG

Raiven Brown heavily involved in new Alaskan Bush People season

This was going to be a rocky season for Bear Brown and Raiven on Alaskan Bush People. The couple got married in January, but the season didn’t pick up until three weeks later. Bear was arrested in March, but the show completely ignored that and skipped right over it.

That makes the season much sweeter for Bear Brown and his wife. They moved further up the mountain and Raiven got acclimated to the new setting. The best news came when Raiven announced her pregnancy with her rainbow baby. The couple’s second boy is due in February 2023.

Do you believe Raiven Brown and her reasons for wiping her Instagram account and taking a “social media break?” What are your thoughts on her and Bear Brown’s story so far this season on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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