‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Addresses Rumors Of Troubles With Bear

Bear and Raiven Brown - episode screencap

Sometime over the last week, Raiven Brown deleted all her Instagram posts except for two. Those were pictures of her son River and the ultrasound of her new baby. She also unfollowed Bear Brown and he unfollowed her on Instagram. Raiven called this a “social media break.”

However, on Wednesday, Raiven added some old photos back, including ones of her and Bear. The two also re-followed each other and she made a new post about her break.

Raiven Brown addresses Alaskan Bush People rumors

Raiven Brown - episode screencap

Raiven Brown has a new Instagram post up on her page. Not only that, but she also added some photos she had previously deleted (or made private) back to her timeline. The returning photos included two posts of the wedding photos from her and Bear Brown’s wedding, the “it’s a boy” post of River, and an older photo of Raiven holding River.

In the new post, Raiven had a photo of River and a comment that she was just taking a social media break. When someone commented it was sad to see her leave, clearly not understanding what a break was, Raiven responded she just needed to take a break when things got too stressful. Also, as you can see below, she and Bear are following each other once again. She also renamed her page again. She had changed it to “boy_m0mx2” and she has returned to “raiv3n_br0wn” once again. You can see the IG page from earlier here.

Raiven Brown's IG Page

No one will likely ever know what really happened. Raiven Brown is very private about her problems, and will often deny everything. When Bear was arrested, and the police report became public, Raiven even denied what was in the report, even though much of it was her own words. As a result, most fans should just realize that Raiven will just consider this a break and mention nothing about the fact that she also stopped following Bear during this time before returning.

Raiven and Bear continue their pregnancy journey on Alaskan Bush People

While no one might ever know what just happened last week with Raiven Brown and Bear, they can still watch as this season of Alaskan Bush People moves on. Two weeks ago, Bear and Raiven told Ami (and the world) about the pregnancy and then revealed the gender (it’s a boy!). Last weekend, Bear only had a quick moment on the show where he talked about how much work there was on the ranch.

Fans are watching Noah Brown and Birdie on their trip back to Alaska, but many want to see more of Raiven and Bear, especially as Raiven’s pregnancy moves on. Raiven is due at the start of February 2023.

What are your thoughts about Raiven Brown’s social media break and the temporary break from Bear Brown on social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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