Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Reveals Due Date

Raiven Brown is in the middle of her rainbow pregnancy and has finally announced her due date. The story hasn’t started playing out yet in the current season of Alaskan Bush People, but they should announce it in the next few episodes.

Here is what Raiven told her fans, and when her second baby boy should come into the world.

Alaskan Bush People‘s Raiven Brown due date

Bear and Raiven Brown - Alaskan Bush People

Raiven Brown took some time to post a short Instagram video that looked back to the past. In the video, she showed a montage of photos of her 2-year-old River’s birth and photos throughout his baby years. She wrote on the screen of the video that it was bittersweet to see how fast he has grown. She then switched to show her baby bump photo and ultrasound pic and wrote that she was excited to have her second baby boy.

In the caption, Raiven didn’t leave a caption and let the video speak for itself. However, she answered some fans in the comments on the IG post. This is something Raiven is known for, as she loves to interact with fans, positive and negative alike. In this case, one fan asked when the baby boy was due, mentioning their grandchild was due in March.

That is when Raiven revealed that her second baby boy is due in January. Based on pervious baby bump posts and weeks listed on those, we already guessed it was due at the end of January or start of February. Now, Raiven has confirmed it will be the earlier guess of January. This means she conceived the baby around March and the new season started in February, so expect her to receive the news very soon on the show.

Raiven Brown IG

What is next for Raiven & Bear on Alaskan Bush People?

However, what fans are worried about is what happened before the pregnancy. On March 11, police arrived at the home of Bear and Raiven Brown and arrested Bear for domestic violence charges. The judge placed a no-contact order against Bear in the case and he spent the weekend in jail.

According to the police reports, Raiven said the two began arguing the night before and Bear was cursing at her. Raiven said they were moving into the camper trailer, and that Bear tried to take her phone away and that is where the violence occurred. Bear denied any violence, although he said he was trying to get her phone.

After Bear’s release from jail, Raiven asked for the non-=contact order to be lifted, and the judge agreed, allowing Bear to go back home. Bear has since had his court date and received a chance to have all charges dropped if he accomplishes a few goals, including staying out of trouble until later this year. It is not known if Alaskan Bush People will air the arrest this season or if it will gloss over the events.

Are you enjoying Raiven Brown and Bear’s story so far this season on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your favorite moment so far in the comments below.

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