‘Teen Mom’: Cory Wharton’s Daughter’s Heart Surgery Draws Near

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Teen Mom star Cory Wharton shared a heartwarming video of his daughter, Maya. Earlier this month, Wharton confirmed that his five-month-old would have to undergo heart surgery soon. In fact, she will have to have several surgeries throughout her life to maintain her health. However, it seems that Cory Wharton, Taylor Selfridge, and baby Maya are all in good spirits.

Keep reading for an update on Maya’s health, plus adorable photos.

Baby Maya Was Diagnosed With Tricuspid Atresia

Cory Wharton shared that his daughter Maya was diagnosed with tricuspid atresia at birth. According to the CDC, this is a heart defect where the valve controls the blood flow to the rest of the body. In Maya’s case, her condition significantly impacts her lung function.

Recently, Cory Wharton updated his page sharing a bit of a scare they had with Maya. According to him, Maya was struggling to get enough oxygen and they called an ambulance. Given her condition, her normal oxygen levels are 75-85%.

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“This little girl has been through so much already, but you can see she’s calm and stable,” he said at the time. He went on to say that you could see in her eyes how scared she was, sharing a photo of her with an oxygen mask in the ambulance. The family was able to leave the hospital once Maya’s oxygen levels stabilized.

Even though that may seem pretty grim, the Teen Mom stars are enjoying every little moment they can. Wharton shared a video on his Instagram Story of baby Maya enjoying 70-degree weather, grinning into the camera.

Teen Mom Stars Buckle In For The Long Haul

Unfortunately, baby Maya will have to undergo a number of surgeries for her heart throughout her life. The next procedure will be taking place soon. Despite knowing that, both Teen Mom stars seem to be in good spirits.


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Now, they are all getting ready to spend the Christmas holiday together. Taylor Selfridge and Cory Wharton share another two-year-old daughter, Mila. Cory also shares a five-year-old daughter with his ex Cheyenne Floyd. They are looking forward to having the kids together to celebrate.

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