‘Teen Mom’ Cory Wharton Makes SHOCKING Move

Cory Wharton from Teen Mom has done a lot over his career. He is a reality TV star with appearances in a ton of show, including Teen Mom, Ex on the Beach, The Real World, and The Challenge. He also recently took part in a celebrity boxing match and is now starting filming on a movie.

However, before he could make the movie, Cory had to do something that shocked his fans. He had to cut off all his hair. We have the before and after photos below.

Cory Wharton cleans up appearance for a new movie

Cory Wharton took to Instagram, and he let fans know he was about to start shooting a new movie. As a result, he had to cut off his hair and shave his beard. This was shocking because most fans know his long hair and giant beard, which he had constantly for the past few years. However, Cory said he had no problem making the change for a movie.

Cory Wharton

Cory wrote he was cutting all his hair off and that he hadn’t seen his naked face in 10 years. He revealed the movie he will appears in takes place in the 1960s and his hair had to go to make it fit with the time period. Cory then went to the barber and took a few pics, including a before and after of the shave and cut. He finished up by saying he could stop laughing at his “lovely BABY FACE” and that he would only do this or a movie, so he wanted fans to be nice to him.

Cory had nothing to worry about, as most of the fans in the comments were very complimentary. Some said he looked like a completely different person, while others told him how hot he was. It is unknown what the movie is, but Cory’s IMDb page shows he has a movie calledĀ Devil’s Ride in pre-production, so this is likely that film. The synopsis reads, “This story follows Aaron who suffers from what he thinks is sleep paralysis and nightmares, finds that no matter what he does, the darkness will never leave him.” Cory plays a basketball player in the movie.

Cory Wharton from Teen Mom

Cory Wharton just had a boxing match

There was a huge celebrity boxing card that took place on Saturday night, and Cory Wharton actually had a fight on it. The main event of the show was two retired NFL stars fighting, with former Pittsburgh Steelers star Le’Veon Bell knocking out former Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson.

As for Cory Wharton, he took part in an exhibition fight againstĀ Too Hot to Handle star Chase DeMoor. The fight was terrible, but it wasn’t because of Wharton, who was at least competent. It was Chase who didn’t look like he knew what he was doing. There was even a point where Cory put his hands behind his back and dared Chase to hit him, only for his opponent to stand there confused. The fight ended up as a draw.

What do you think about Cory Wharton’s new look? Are you excited to see him in a movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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