‘Teen Mom’ Taylor Selfridge Returning To MTV After Racist Tweets

Taylor Selfridge smiling on 'Teen Mom' - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom

Cory Wharton has confirmed that Taylor Selfridge would be returning to the Teen Mom franchise. Wharton, who shares two daughters with Selfridge and one daughter with fellow Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd, confirmed the news on his Instagram Story. Keep reading for more details.

MTV Cuts Ties With Taylor Selfridge In 2020

Fans of Teen Mom may remember the drama around Taylor’s departure from the show.

In 2020, MTV booted Taylor from the entire network after racist tweets from her past resurfaced. You can see the tweets from 2012-2013 here.

She wasn’t the only one being removed from the network. One day before the announcement about Taylor came word that The Challenge star Dee Nguyen was also being booted.

Taylor Says She Quit Teen Mom

Teen Mom OG At Home: Cory & Taylor’s Baby Special was scheduled to debut on the network, but they announced it would be canceled the same day MTV cut ties with Selfridge.

Taylor Selfridge speaking to Cory Wharton on 'Teen Mom' - Youtube/MTV's Teen Mom

Credit: YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

The network came out with an official statement, citing the racist tweets as the reason behind removing Taylor from the Teen Mom franchise. “MTV strongly condemns systemic racism and stands with those raising their voices against injustice,” the statement concluded.

However, Taylor took to social media later the same day to say that it was her choice to leave the show, not the network. Taylor Selfridge also alleged that the network’s rules only applied to certain people. Despite this, she acknowledged that she made mistakes.

“I have addressed my mistakes many times on the network and I would like to move on and continue to be the best version of myself. My past does not define who I am today and I hope you guys can see the change. Please respect my decision to provide a normal, healthy life for my family,” she said at the time.

Cheyenne Floyd was quick to show support for Taylor. However, fans have pointed out that Cheyenne has had her own set of troubles with tweets from her past. Many fans think she should have been fired in 2020 too.

After two years, it seems like Taylor Selfridge is getting a chance at her MTV career though. Her long-time boyfriend and baby daddy Cory Wharton revealed some of the details on Instagram.

Is Taylor Selfridge Coming To Next Chapter?

In a video on his Instagram Story, Cory confirmed that Taylor would be appearing in upcoming episodes of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. The video showed Taylor behind the scenes and had accompanying text that said she was back filming.


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“Oooooo somebody is back filming. I’ll say this you’ll be getting the WHOLE WHARTON FAMILY NOW,” he wrote on the photo of Taylor.

Right now, that’s all we know. Taylor Selfridge is back filming and, hopefully, it will appear in an upcoming episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. What do you think about her possible return?

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