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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Cracks A Beer Amid Health Drama

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Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans has been struggling with health problems. They have gotten so bad that her husband, David Eason was begging for prayers from fans. However, she is apparently not doing too bad as she took to her Instagram to show off a good time. The mother of three was seen enjoying a beer in the tub. All while being on medication and searching for answers.

Jenelle Evans Cracks A Beer Despite Health Drama

Over the past few days, Jenelle’s husband of five years, David posted on Facebook. He asked for prayers for his wife as she was struggling with her health. She revealed that she had suffered from esophageal spasms. This had been plaguing her for around a decade or more. Yet, she has been quite candid that she has been on a mission for some time to find out why she is constantly feeling ill. Jenelle then showed off a new inhaler she had been prescribed.

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According to The Sun, she explained why she had it as fans questioned if she had asthma or COPD. “I don’t have either I am being tested for other things at the moment. I have a high level of laden lipid macrophages. Causing too much mucus.” Last night, after all of the inhaler questions and the call for prayers, Jenelle took to the bathtub. While there, she cracked open a beer and posted “cheers” in her Instagram stories.

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Following her bathtub time, she shared another post saying how prednisone works wonders. Plus, she would be answering DMs on her OnlyFans. It seemed conflicting that she is so worried about her health, to the point her husband was taking for prayers. Then, in the blink of an eye, she was acting like everything was fine and drinking in the tub. Seems like she might be better off than she portrays.

Mom Of The Year?

Regardless of how Jenelle Evans is feeling, she seems to be all business. She makes a decent income as one of the top OnlyFans earners. So, she seems to have to keep the content flowing, even if she does not feel great. She is also a mother of three as well as a bonus mom to her stepdaughter, Maryssa. However, she constantly catches heat for her parenting or lack thereof. It seems she can never do anything right, whether it is having a messy home or packing gross lunches.

In the end, Jenelle will always do what she wants and does not care what happens. Do you think she should have been more responsible while trying to heal? Let us know in the comments below.



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