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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Is Back, See ‘The Next Chapter’ Trailer

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Jenelle Evans has quite the history with MTV’s Teen Mom. She was fired from the network back in 2019. Evans then went on to document her life on a YouTube channel and social media. Now, she is making her grand return to TM and she’s surrounded by familiar faces. Read on to find out where she will pop up.

Jenelle Evans Parts Ways With Teen Mom & MTV

Fans first became familiar with Jenelle when she was featured on 16 & Pregnant alongside her boyfriend, Andrew. They were expecting their first child together but it was a rough road. He was a little bit older than her and she was not necessarily taking parenthood seriously. Her mother, Barbara could sense trouble ahead. Soon, Jenelle’s son Jace was born and she was cast on Teen Mom 2 along with her mother. Through a series of poor choices, Barbara gained custody of Jace and Jenelle had to work extra hard to prove she was mother material.

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Eventually, she ended up marrying David Eason who she had her third child with. It seemed to be a decent match until he did the unthinkable. David took the family dog, Nugget into the woods and shot and killed it. At that point, Jenelle left her marriage with her children, claiming she was done. However, she returned and MTV made the decision to cut ties with the couple. Since then, she has had some failed ventures but keeps her followers up to date with her vlog. Yet she is still close with former cast mate, Briana DeJesus. Is this her way back in?

Back In The Game?

Teen Mom has had a few spinoffs such as Family Reunion and Girls Night In. Now, they are premiering The Next Chapter. According to Hollywood Life, this show will feature cast members from both the original and TM2. As for where Jenelle factors in, it does not appear that she is necessarily a core cast member. Briana DeJesus was involved in a lawsuit with Teen Mom cast member Kailyn Lowry. Ultimately, it got dismissed and DeJesus chose to have a huge party to celebrate. Jenelle was in attendance and the party will actually be featured on the show. Thus, so will Jenelle in some capacity.

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She appears at the very end of the clip, showing up for the celebration. At this point, no one has said how many episodes she will be around for. It could be just for the party or they could stretch her out due to her friendship with Briana. Either way, this was a very clever way to sneak her in through the side. Are you excited to see Jenelle back on Teen Mom? Let us know and watch The Next Chapter airing September 6th on MTV.

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