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Leah Messer Done With ‘Teen Mom’ After Ending Engagement?

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Is Leah Messer done with Teen Mom now that she has called off her engagement? Fans are questioning this since she seems to have vanished from the franchise. Yet, how has she done this, and what might have brought her to this decision? Does it have something to do with her now ex-fiance Jaylan Mobley? Read on for more details.

Leah Messer Done With Teen Mom After Ending Engagement?

When Leah ended her short engagement with Jaylan, it was devastating. There were so many questions surrounding the breakup, especially since they seemed so in love. Furthermore, it was a well-planned proposal so how could things have gone so wrong? There are cheating rumors and speculation that Jaylan was not faithful to the mother of three. However, she has remained tight-lipped about everything.

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Now, fans are questioning if she has left the Teen Mom franchise, according to Meaww. Why do they believe that? The new season of Family Reunion is coming out and she is visibly absent from the promo poster. Many of the other TM stars are there including Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Baltierra, and Jade Cline. Yet, Leah was nowhere to be seen and that raised some red flags about where she could be and if she had given it all up for privacy.

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On a Reddit page, fans addressed Leah’s absence from the series and if she would be gone for good. “So does this mean Leah is no longer a part of the [Teen Mom] franchise?” one asked. Another added: “That’s a bummer! She’s one of my favorites.” It is also believed that Leah may have struggled to watch her relationship with Jaylan on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, which is currently airing. Due to this, she may need a reality break to get herself back to center.

Hiding A Lot

Apparently, there’s a lot more to the story with Jaylan and Leah Messer. According to the Teen Mom star, there was a point on the show when her now ex-hubby was planning to buy her a home. However, she was actually the one who put the money down. Then, she put his name on the deed to make it appear that he was doing this amazing gesture. Along with that, there have been talks of Leah signing an NDA which had forbidden her from sharing why she and Jaylan have split. Fortunately, her sister, Victoria may not remain silent much longer.

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“I never signed an NDA, but I do feel to an extent it’s not my place to tell their story! My sister told hers and told the extent of what she is allowed to say, but Jaylan has not and that is the problem, but more so HIS problem and should be his story, to tell the TRUTH, and even though he may not be ready and wants to continue manipulating the WHOLE situation,” Victoria shared on Instagram. She went on to add that she is coming to the end of her rope and wants to redeem her sister.


Finally, there is another reason Leah may not be on this season of Family Reunion. She has shared she was molested when she was younger, according to The Sun. This was something she shared in her memoir and if she were to film, her mother would have to come. That may have been the biggest hurdle.

Why do you think Leah is not filming with MTV? Is it because she needs her space or is there underlying issues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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