‘Teen Mom’ Update On Baby Maya Hospital Complications


Last week, Teen Mom star Cory Wharton had quite the scare. His four-month-old daughter Maya was rushed to the hospital as she struggled to breathe. The infant suffers from coronary heart disease so she needs to have surgery in the coming months. Apparently, a procedure to prep for the surgery caused the complications thus leading Maya to the ER. Now, Maya’s mother and Cory’s girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge has an update on the little one’s health. Read on for more details.

How Is The Teen Mom Baby Faring?

According to The Sun, Taylor shared that she and the tot are finally home. This was posted to the mother of two’s Instagram. Apparently, they made it home Sunday evening which is when the update was shared with concerned followers. This all happened after she had a catheterization done on her heart, per Cory. “Right and left heart catheterization with angiography. Using plastic tubes in the heart to measure the pressure and oxygen levels,” the father of three explained.


Within twenty-four hours or so of him taking Maya home from the hospital after this, he was rushing her to the ER when she struggled to breathe. Cory showed her hooked up to a breathing machine but reiterated how proud he was of her. In another update, he explained that she had been diagnosed with RSV, as well. Now, she seems to be feeling much better, which is all the parents could ask for.


Though she has another surgery coming up, Taylor is grateful for Maya’s progress. She took to her Instagram to say this: “We are happy today. She is so strong, she literally amazes me and mommy is definitely not as strong, but we got this little mama.” This positive attitude is probably a big reason why Maya continues to stay strong and fight.

A Scary Year

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