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Kody Brown Continues To Become More Unhinged: See Photos

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When fans thought it wasn’t possible, Kody Brown has become even more unhinged. Yes, he has been lashing out all of Season 17. The father of eighteen has been blaming it on his divorce from his third wife, Christine. However, it seems like there are some more underlying issues that he has yet to address. It also may have to do with his struggles in plural marriage as he said he is in a “dark place” with it. Now, fans are seeing previews for the upcoming tell-all and a whole new angrier side of Kody has come out.

Kody Brown Continues To Become More Unhinged

After seeing a clip from the upcoming Sister Wives tell-all, fans are amazed at how Kody keeps becoming more unhinged by the season. They took to Reddit to discuss this and share snaps from the preview. These quick pics showcased a truly off-the-wall man who is holding on to everything he has. The thread started like this: “Can we all agree that Kody looks more and more unhinged every season.”

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One Redditor noted: “He just always has his “LOOK DOWN THE LENS!” expression on his face now.” Another added: “I was coming here to post that same thing. His “mask” came off then. No one seemed to surprised. Some made excuses for him. The fact is he has been the way he is now all along. It’s probably worse but it’s been there.”

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It was not just Kody that fans took note of. They feel that his fourth wife, Robyn has also gone off the rails, as well. “The theatrics from he and robyn are ridiculous,” one person wrote. Finally, someone had this to say: “Yup he looks frightening. Triggers me. To have someone look at you with such distain is a whole new feeling of every sad and fearful emotion you could imagine.”

Can He Redeem Himself?

This has been a long-asked question. Can Kody Brown ever redeem himself after all of the hurt he has caused both his wives and children? Some feel that he really just needs to own up to what he has done in an attempt to make it right. In the latest episode, Kody did admit to having daddy issues which was a huge deal for him. This could be a big reason why he struggles with his relationships with his sons.

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However, he still has a lot of work to do for the viewers to ever see him as anything but an angry dictator. That is what he has become and it is almost his brand. Yet, he has now lost two of his four wives so this is not boding well for him. Not just losing his wives but many of his adult children are at a distance from him. It’s a lot to lose.

Do you see Kody becoming consistently unhinged as the seasons go on? Can he change or will he continue a downward spiral? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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