‘The Valley’ Appalling Reason Kristen Doute Rejected New Gig

Luke Broderick, Kristen Doute-Instagram

What was the appalling reason that The Valley star Kristen Doute rejected a new gig? She has always been pretty open to doing and trying new things. So, what held her back from this endeavor? Keep reading for more details.

The Valley Appalling Reason Kristen Doute Rejected New Gig

Kristen Doute has tried a lot of things in her time on reality television. The Valley star was introduced on Vanderpump Rules as a server at SUR in Season 1. Yet, she was also very invested in being an actress and was appearing in indie films. In fact, that was where she met Stassi Schroeder’s now-husband, Beau Clark when they starred in a movie together. After she was fired from her job, she started her own clothing company, James Mae which she says is still doing very well plus she has her own line of wines. She initially started that with Stassi and Katie Maloney but it is now just her and Katie.

Kristen Doute-YouTube
Kristen Doute-YouTube

Needless to say, Kristen is not one to shy away from a good project when she comes across it or one comes knocking on her door. The most recent leap she took was joining the Vanderpump spinoff, The Valley after being fired in 2020 from Bravo. Now, she is opening up about a job she turned down, and the shocking reason why. According to The Sun, Kristen shared a video clip in her Instagram stories. Apparently, she was offered a video collaboration which she ultimately turned down due to constant negative comments about her weight, face, and more.

Kristen Doute-Instagram
Kristen Doute-Instagram

Over the video, Kristen Doute wrote this:

“i was asked to be a collaborator on this video and i’ll have to pass. everyone making comments about my weight, my “saggy” boobs and my body in general – you should really be ashamed of yourselves. could you imagine someone saying this to your girl, wife, sister, mother, daughter? sad, disheartened, and appalled.”

The clip was focused on her and her boyfriend, Luke Broderick discussing moving to Colorado which Kristen was against. However, it would go between her casually chatting with him, no makeup, donning a tank top. Then, she has her glam confessional look but apparently, neither was enough to make fans happy.

The Comments

This particular clip from The Valley was posted on Bravo’s Instagram and the comments are extremely harsh toward Kristen Doute. Not only do they mock Luke Broderick but they say atrocious things regarding Kristen as a person and her appearance:


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  • why didn’t anyone ever buy her a chin?
  • Wow she’s gone downhill … 😅
  • She’s not looking great
  • They are both delusional…she should put on a bra for those saggy boobs.

Is it any wonder why she would feel self-conscious and have body issues when people are being so harsh? Love her or not, this is incredibly hurtful to someone’s mental health.

Do you understand why Kristen backed out of a job or should she have ignored everyone and gone for it? Let us know and watch The Valley Tuesdays on Bravo.

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