Katie Maloney Addresses Rumors She Is A Scammer

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Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney is addressing the rumors that she is a scammer. Why are people thinking this of her and what is she doing to debunk this? More so, what other news does the television personality have to share? Keep reading for more details.

Katie Maloney Addresses Rumors She Is A Scammer

The last two seasons of Vanderpump Rules have been very difficult but interesting for Katie Maloney. Right before Season 10 began, she and her husband and co-star, Tom Schwartz, shared their marriage was over. Then, they announced they were divorcing. The one rule she had was not to hook up with anyone in the friend group. Unfortunately, flip-flopping friend, Scheana Shay pushed Schwartz and show alum Rachel Leviss to kiss. This infuriated Katie but, behind the scenes, Leviss was having an affair with their other close friend and co-star, Tom Sandoval. Since he was in a decade-long romance with Ariana Madix who was close to all of them, it turned everything upside down.

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Now, in Season 11, Katie is incredibly close to Ariana while preaching loyalty and stealing girls from Schwartz. All the while, she and Ariana have been attempting to open up their sandwich shop, Something About Her since Season 9. They sold merch post-‘Scandoval’ which brought in $200K but now, fans have started to believe this shop is never opening and is just for show. Thus, Katie has been deemed a scammer but now, she is sitting down with E! News to debunk this. She immediately stated she is not a scammer and that they did have a lot of permit issues.


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More so, Something About Her is “dangerously close” to opening. She would have opened so much earlier if it had been possible but it just wasn’t feasible. Currently, they are in the hiring process and then will move on to training. Unfortunately, they had permit problems and had to take the awning down. Therefore, it is presumed that it no longer exists. Yet, Katie just saw the new plans and though she cannot give a date, it will be opening.

A Learning Process

Katie Maloney was praised for her knowledge while sitting in on Schwartz & Sandy’s meetings. However, she has admitted that she has gained such an education by opening Something About Her. This was a longtime dream that she had initially hoped to do with Tom Schwartz. Then, she was chatting with Ariana Madix about it and she was completely on board. So, give it some time for these ladies to prove that they are legit and this is the real deal.

Do you think that Katie is a scammer or are you impatiently waiting for the sandwich shop to open? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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