Luke Broderick Doesn’t Want To Marry Kristen Doute?

Luke Broderick, Kristen Doute-Instagram

Luke Broderick has made some comments that make it seem like he does not want to marry Kristen Doute. Kristen moved on from her ex-boyfriend, Alex, relatively fast and is now with Luke. Some of her costars questioned the relationship and if it was genuine. Jax Taylor has not been easy on Luke Broderick and seems to have some issues when it comes to including him in guy things with the group.

Jax Taylor Throws Shade At Kristen Doute

When Jax Taylor found out Luke Broderick and Kristen Doute were trying to have a baby, he threw shade at her. 

“Are you mentally there to have a child right now? I just want you to do your research.”

Jax needed to do his research before having a child. His marriage is not in a good place right now and he has no room to talk. If Kristen wants to have a baby that is up to her. However, Kristen has had the support of her friends.

Kristen Doute/Pump Rules/Instagram
Kristen Doute/Pump Rules/Instagram

Does Luke Broderick Not Want To Marry Her?

Luke Broderick does not seem to want to marry Kristen anytime soon. 

“Everyone seemed to have the opinion that [marriage] was the right way to go, yet we see all these people getting divorced, I’m like, ‘O.K., why involve the government in our choice to start a family?’ is kind of how I’m looking at marriage. Yeah, we both want [marriage] someday, … we want it when we feel like things have stabilized. But with Kristen’s timeline, her body clock, the baby’s more the priority. I know that she will be a fantastic mother, and I know we’ll both be dedicated to that child no matter what.”

Marriage may not be important to him. Their costars are not doing too good at it. Michelle and Jesse Lally split up and so did Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Luke Broderick, Kristen Doute-Instagram
Luke Broderick, Kristen Doute-Instagram

It seems that Luke is not thinking about getting married anytime soon. He has made it clear he does not need to get the government involved. The two are solely focused on having a baby and that is it. However, fans are dying to know if Kristen agrees with the statement or if she wants to get married. Marriage has not worked for many of their costars, but that does not mean it will not work for them. What do you think? Do you agree with Luke? Sound off in the comments below.

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