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Can Robyn & Kody Brown Do Anything To Redeem Themselves?

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Robyn and Kody Brown keep digging themselves into deeper holes each season that may not be redeemable. Kody is constantly lashing out at his wives while blaming his kids for speaking their minds. As for Robyn, she is always playing the victim which has really worn thin for both Kody’s wives and viewers. So, is there any possible chance that the couple can redeem themselves in the eyes of both viewers and most importantly, their family? Read on for fans’ opinions.

Can Robyn & Kody Brown Do Anything To Redeem Themselves?

Kody has made some major snafus in Season 17 of Sister Wives. He blames it on the fact that he is going through a divorce but not taking any accountability for said divorce. Kody has forgotten birthdays, not known his own kids’ ages, treated his wives like garbage, and more. Furthermore, he keeps praising Robyn’s behavior as his only loyal wife. It makes his second wife wonder if he just wants her to morph into his fourth wife.

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To add insult to injury, when Christine chose to leave the plural family, Robyn never took the time to ask her side. Rather, she thought about how it was hurting her and her youngest children. She proceeded to mean girl gossip about it with sister wife, Meri. As the season goes on, Kody and Robyn keep digging a deeper hole but can they get out of it? A Reddit thread was started, asking how the couple could redeem themselves.

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Immediately, some responded with a resounding “no.” Another added: “How do you undo YEARS of disgusting behavior, cheating people, hoarding resources (literally), and treating your children like sh** for a shiny, new piece of a**? You can’t.” One noted that if Kody could just admit he was wrong, that might lessen the blow just a tad. Others did agree on this, however, another had this to say: “No, nada, nothing. And from what I know about people who actually have NPD, they lack the self-awareness to even admit that they were at fault.”

Damage Is Done?

It seems that Roby and Kody Brown have made their bed and now, they must lay in it. Yet, one Redditor did think that there was one way to make it up to the family. “Sell the house. Give everyone their cash back. Sell CP, split the $ including Christine. Ride off into the sunset,in other words just go away! Too late for redemption but equalize the community cash.” This has been a common theme that the couple has just been using the remaining wives for their money. Now that time needs to come to an end. Will it fix everything? Probably not but it might mend some fences.

Do you think Kody and Robyn can do anything to redeem themselves? What would it have to be? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Janelle I proud of you for standing your ground. Kody has treated you and the other wives (Christine and Mary ) like a piece of crap. you all deserve to be loved and respected. I will pray for you to be strong.

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