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Fear Sets In For Kody Brown As Robyn Casts Doubt On Marriage

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Kody Brown is now fearful that Robyn is the next to go. It is not that she is openly saying she wants to leave by any means. However, after what has happened with Christine, he has his fur up. Plus, he is not in a great place with Janelle at all. After their lunch last week, he made her feel like she needs to be Robyn. In fact, he made it seem like the only way to be a loyal wife to him is to be Robyn. Now, any time Robyn mentions something about working things out in a relationship, Kody panics. What does she really mean, though? Read on for more details.

Fear Sets In For Kody Brown As Robyn Casts Doubt On Marriage

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody and his remaining wives meet for conversations. There are a few times when Robyn mentions working on relationships. In the beginning, Meri, Janelle, Kody, and Robyn are talking for the first time since Christine exited the family. Kody’s fourth wife makes a comment about how the next part of her life, she wants it to be better.

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Immediately, Kody thinks that she is referring to their marriage. Yet, she is really talking about her relationships with her remaining sister wives. She has noticed the family fails at communication and wants that to improve in the near future. Furthermore, she is tired of sweeping things under the rug. So, every time Robyn brings up working on her relationships within the family, Kody jumps to the negative and believes that it is him.

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Admittedly, this year has been a struggle for Kody and Robyn since he primarily stays with her. This means that all of his anger and such gets directed toward her. It is the first time, she claims, in their whole marriage, that they have struggled like this before. Kody is not actively involved with Meri and was not talking to Janelle about his pain regarding the divorce. Therefore, the brunt fell on Robyn.

Another One Bites The Dust

It is understandable why Kody Brown would constantly be nervous about what is around the corner with his wives. He mentioned that he and Janelle had not acted married for most of their marriage. Furthermore, he said that she behaved like a single woman which was hard for him. Now, it seems that she took that to heart and is officially single. In the clip for the upcoming one-on-one special, Kody and Janelle confirm that they have separated. As for whether or not a divorce is in their future, that is yet to be seen. So, he has to really hold on to what he has with Robyn.

Do you understand why Kody is in constant fear of losing Robyn? Is there a possibility that she could leave down the line? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. kody is such a cry baby. Christine’s leaving has affect all of them. all he does is complain about how he is being treated. how about how he’s treating all the others. shame on him.

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