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Kody Brown Is In A ‘Dark Place’ With Plural Marriage

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Kody Brown admits that he is in a “dark” place with plural marriage. It is hard not to be after what he has just experienced. He is taking the divorce from Christine extraordinarily hard. It has made him lash out at everyone and he is more aggressive than ever before. However, he is not just questioning plural marriage but is in a dark place with it. What does that mean? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Is In A ‘Dark Place’ With Plural Marriage

After Christine has left the family, Kody and his remaining three wives are having their first conversation. It has been a few months but it is time to chat. The biggest problem is that they sweep everything under the rug, as Robyn notes. No one realizes that there is a problem until someone is gone. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Robyn addresses that she wants to work on the family yet there are a lot of inner struggles.

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Kody does not want his sons Gabe and Garrison around for Christmas 2021 unless they apologize. Therefore, Janelle has decided that she will spend the holidays with her kids. She is torn between two families; her children and her sister wives and Kody. Yet, she always wants to choose the former. This was what Christine did and it tore them apart. Kody then talks about the struggles of having multiple wives after saying Robyn is the only good communicator. He has seen men leave plural marriages feeling like they have never been loved.

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It is not “beer” and “Skittles” as he says and adds that it is very difficult. He believes that his wives should have a copasetic relationship but his “queens” are not like that. All of the wives claimed that they got along and were in a great place when Christine proved that this was all a fallacy. Thus, Kody is now in a “dark place” with plural marriage. Admittedly, it has not worked very well for him and his wives.

Can He Get Out Of His Funk?

Kody Brown knows that his wives are split. Meri and Robyn will get together while Janelle and his ex-wife, Christine are a team. In fact, he claimed that he felt betrayed to learn that his ex was bringing two of his kids to town for the holidays. Janelle told Kody that Christine was bringing Ysabel and Truely to Flagstaff right after Christmas to see him. Instead of being excited, he claimed he felt betrayed. He wishes that people would tell him things directly but he is not the most approachable person this season.

Do you understand why Kody is in a “dark place” with plural marriage? Is it possible for him to ever find the light again? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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