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Jenelle Evans Sets Record Straight On Pregnancy Rumors

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Jenelle Evans is setting record straight on all of the pregnancy rumors. Yes, fans keep asking if she is pregnant with her fourth child. Though it feels like she has had to clear this up before, it is time to do it once again. Plus, her former Teen Mom co-star, Kailyn Lowry may have played a part in the pregnancy rumors. How and why? Read on for more details plus Jenelle’s response.

Jenelle Evans Sets Record Straight On Pregnancy Rumors

It seems fans are still wondering if Jenelle is expecting again. Recently, she did an Instagram Q&A session and a plethora of questions came in for the mother of three. Many wondered if she would be coming back to Teen Mom. The answer to that was no. Then, a fan asked if Jenelle was pregnant again. Why would they ask that?

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According to The Sun, her former TM co-star, Kailyn Lowry sparked this idea in fans’ heads. She had apparently posted a collection of Jenelle snaps where she is flaunting her body in a bikini. The caption of the video read: “Jenelle spreading body positivity after fat-shaming Kail.” To be clear, Lowry did not make the video but did choose to share it without a reason. In response to the fan asking Jenelle about being pregnant, she did have a response.

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Actually, she cannot have children as she had her tubes tied. She is already extremely busy as is with her three children, Jace, 13, Kaiser, 8, and Ensley, 5 as well as her stepdaughter, Maryssa, 15. Furthermore, Jenelle and her husband, David are constantly catching heat for the way that they choose to parent their kids. Many think that they repeatedly put them in unsafe situations and do not think twice about the ramifications.

Still On The Mend

Jenelle Evans had the time to answer all of these questions and put the rumors to rest as she is still in a lot of pain. Her health has been a big concern for quite some time. Though she has had esophageal spasms for around a decade now and is forced to use an inhaler, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding her. She shared that she will see a new doctor come 2023. For now, she has been seeking comfort under a heated blanket. However, her fans are eager for her to get back to her candid vlogs.

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They also mentioned how much they love her OnlyFans where she is a top earner. Unfortunately, Jenelle just needs to take it easy for the time being. Hopefully, she will be on the mend and this will finally put all of the rumors to rest about her ever being pregnant again. As for Kailyn, there has been recent speculation that she welcomed a secret fifth baby. A lot of baby chatter on the Teen Mom front.

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