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Jenelle Evans Called Out For Endangering Youngest Son, Kaiser

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Jenelle Evans has been called out by fans for endangering her youngest son, Kaiser. This comes on the heels of her and her husband cooking a less-than-appetizing Thanksgiving meal. Some deemed her hubby’s meal prep unsanitary. Furthermore, after she showcased her leftovers, stomachs were left turning. Now, footage has surfaced of Jenelle’s son Kaiser, 8, skiing. Unfortunately, it seemed that the mother of three put the child in a dangerous situation, and fans are not happy. Read on for more details.

Jenelle Evans Called Out For Endangering Kaiser

After celebrating Thanksgiving, Jenelle and her family went skiing in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. This included her husband David, her son, Jace, their daughter, Ensley, his daughter, Maryssa, and Kaiser. She shares Kaiser with her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith. According to The Sun, David made a video of Jenelle teaching Kaiser how to ski. This seems all well and good, in fact quite sweet as they were seen holding hands during the excursion.

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Then, she let go of his hand so that she could head over to see David. After seeing this, fans were immediately appalled, feeling that Jenelle just was not a strong enough teacher for her son. They headed over to Reddit to vent their frustrations on the situation. “Of f**king COURSE these two ding dongs wouldn’t get him an instructor and instead Jenelle, who looks like she’s never seen a pair of skis in her life, is holding his hand and just rolling down the mountain,” one commented.

Jenelle Evans/Facebook
Kaiser, Jace

Someone else chimed in with this: “Typical Juhnelle. She’s using Kaiser to keep from falling on the bunny slope. She didn’t ‘teach’ him anything.” More so, the general consensus was that the kids needed a true ski school to be able to really learn how to succeed. Finally, one person noted: “It looks like Jenelle is using Kaiser as a ski pole. I don’t see any ‘teaching Kaiser to ski’ in this video.” Unfortunately, this is not the first time she has come under fire for her parenting.

Keep Making Mistakes

Jenelle Evans has been quite careless when it comes to her children, especially this year. Firstly, she was scrutinized for endangering her youngest child, Ensley, 5. They were taking a family photo on a rock but fans felt it was just too dangerous for the tot to be standing on. Then, there was her eldest son, Jace’s thirteenth birthday gift.

A few days in advance, Jenelle gifted him a dirtbike, which fans were appalled at. They felt it was beyond unsafe and could not believe she would buy such a thing. It then culminated with her purchasing a mini motorbike for Ensley, 5 just recently. There’s a lot more to it but that is just scratching the surface. With the way that she has acted for many years, it is no wonder fans will nitpick at everything she does.

Do you think that Jenelle Evans should have gotten a ski instructor for Kaiser or was she fine as a teacher? Let us know in the comments.


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