Fans Horrified As Jenelle Evans Dances In David’s Dirty Underwear

Jenelle Evans & David Eason On Honeymoon [Jenelle Evans | YouTube]

Fans are horrified as Jenelle Evans dances in David’s dirty underwear. She’s been trying to make as much sexy content as possible for her OnlyFans page. However, fans think she’s getting desperate. They noticed something obvious and disgusting about one of her new TikTok videos.

The 30-year-old took to the social media app to do a sexy dance for her followers. Jenelle amassed followers on social media because of her time on the popular MTV series Teen Mom. She has since pivoted into the subscription platform that has been associated with adult entertainment.

Keep reading to learn more about Jenelle Evans’ latest controversy.

Jenelle Evans Wears White T-Shirt In Bed [Jenelle Evans | YouTube]
[Jenelle Evans | YouTube]

Caught wearing David Eason’s underwear

Jenelle Evans popped it like it’s hot in her bathroom to the song “Kute & Neat” by Sasique. However, fans didn’t find anything cute or neat about Jenelle. She shared a suggestive clip of herself dancing in a white knitted crop top that had a stain on it. She also wore a pair of gray briefs.

The reality star also flaunted her new honey-blonde tinted locks. She paired her look with clear eyeglasses and a face full of makeup. In the video, Jenelle Evans flashed her cleavage at the camera as she bent over to pop her booty. She captioned the video: “Entering my baddie era” and most fans were conflicted over it.


Entering my baddie era 😈

♬ original sound – Naturally Solid

She loves to dance for her followers on TikTok. Yet, they couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing her husband’s old underwear. Some of them took to the Teen Mom Reddit forum to shade her latest dancing video. Others mocked her for “entering her baddie era.”

  • “Just chilling in David’s skid undies.”
  • “Why is she wearing David’s dirty underwear?”
  • “Yucky yucky yucky yucky.”
  • “Just threw up in my mouth.”
  • “Ew is she wearing David’s underwear???????”

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans called out for her dirty bathroom

Other fans found the song she was dancing to ironic. They called her out for her dirty bathroom. One noted: “For all things holy….please clean your bathroom people!”

The comments on TikTok were different. Most of the fans were in love with Jenelle Evans’ new hairstyle. Most of them complimented her on her new style and color. Others noticed that she’s been looking differently lately. One TikTok user wrote: “The new hair and teeth gave you a total different look and you’re rocking it!!!!”


Likeee “who is she” ?! 🤭❤️‍🔥

♬ original sound – ㅤ

Jenelle Evans got a vode of confidence from TikTok. However, on Reddit, it’s a different story. She gets mom-shamed for her choices and ripped apart for how she takes care of her home. The television personality previously clapped back at haters, making it clear that she doesn’t care what they think.

What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans dancing in David’s underwear? Do you find it disgusting? Or, do you think it’s normal for married couples? Sound off below in the comment section.

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