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Fans In Awe Of Jenelle Evans’ ‘Stunning’ Stepdaughter Maryssa

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Jenelle Evans’ children are growing up in the blink of an eye. One of them that is catching the most attention is her stepdaughter, Maryssa. Since Evans and David Eason got married in 2017, the now-fifteen-year-old has been a staple in the family activities. Over the holiday weekend, Maryssa tagged along as everyone went skiing. She took a selfie of her stepsiblings and Jenelle which the latter shared on social media. Immediately, fans went wild with how much Maryssa had grown and more so, how stunning she looked. Read on for more details and to see the photo that started it all.

Fans Cannot Believe Jenelle Evans’ Stepdaughter Is So Pretty

Now that she is fifteen, Maryssa is coming into her own. Many may remember Jenelle sharing pics and videos of her stepdaughter when she was much younger on social media. That is the girl that they have cemented in their minds. However, she is no longer the young, lanky tween. In August, Maryssa turned fifteen but it was the recent Thanksgiving ski trip that turned heads, according to The Sun. Followers of Jenelle could not believe how much Maryssa, had grown.

Jenelle Evans/Facebook
young Maryssa and Jace

Maryssa is the eldest child of Jenelle’s husband of five years, David and they have always seemingly had a very close bond. Now, like her stepmother, Maryssa is sporting blonde highlights and is still model tall. “Is that Marissa? She looks so grown up! What a pretty girl!” one fan commented. Another added: “Your step-daughter is absolutely stunning.”


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This was followed by: “Wait? Hold up? Holy beautiful is that Marissa? She has grown up into such a beautiful woman!” Finally, someone noted: “Maryssa is legit gorgeous- wow!” It is clear to see that she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and was relishing her time with her siblings. David and Jenelle share Ensley, 5 together while Jenelle has Jace, 13, and Kaiser, 8 from previous relationships.

Under Scrutiny

Though fans were struck by Maryssa’s beauty on the skiing trip, another thing stuck out to them. Jenelle Evans was filmed by David teaching Kaiser how to ski. Then, she let go and let him on his own while she went off to see David. This angered a lot of followers who felt the children should not be taught by the controversial Teen Mom alum. After viewing the footage, they felt Kaiser should be in ski school. Yet, Jenelle is often criticized for her parenting and the gifts she buys for her kids. It probably won’t end any time soon but for now, the focus is on Maryssa.

Can you believe how much Maryssa has grown up and how beautiful she is? Do you think Jenelle Evans is a good stepmother or is the jury still out? Let us know in the comments below.



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