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Did Kailyn Lowry Give Birth To Secret Baby?

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There have long been rumors that Kailyn Lowry was pregnant with her fifth child. Now fans are wondering if the Teen Mom alum secretly gave birth. Why? There was a clue recently that may have given it away aside from eagle-eyed followers possibly seeing a bump in her photos. So, what was the clue that has everyone thinking Kailyn is now a mom of five? Read on for more details.

Did Kailyn Lowry Give Birth To Secret Baby?

Kailyn has made changes in her life that would indicate pregnancy and her fans noticed. However, she never publicly said that she was pregnant. Now, it appears that fans caught something in Kailyn’s Instagram that has led them to believe that she may have secretly given birth.

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According to The Sun, the podcaster filmed her sons playing. However, fans believe that they heard a baby in the background of one of the videos. Her younger sons were supposed to be cleaning their playroom. Yet, Kailyn found them hiding in cabinets and such. Though that was not what caught followers’ eyes and ears. They swore that a baby could be heard somewhere leading to the conclusion that, yes, Kailyn was pregnant.

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Finally, if she was pregnant, she opted to give birth secretly and has since kept everything private. Fans soon went crazy with comments about the mystery baby. “Okay, it did sound like a baby, but it also sounded like a chair fart. Like when you move on a leather chair,” one noted. Another added: “That is 10000% a baby. I remember that sound because it was the ‘quiet’ part of having a baby around.” Lastly, someone had this to say: “This is why she took a break from her podcasts recently. That’s a newborn baby.”

Still A Busy Woman

Kailyn Lowry still remains extraordinarily busy. She takes care of her four sons, Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed. More so, she is extremely hands-on with them, taking her boys to their sports and always making sure she is enjoying quality time with them. However, one clue that fans may have missed recently is that the author took off her acrylic nails. She showed off her natural, short nails after a long run with her curved acrylics.

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Kailyn said that she had them for a long while but it was time for a break. She used to get them to match her mood or her sons’ team colors. Getting shorter nails for a new baby would make sense as Khloe Kardashian caught heat for having violently long nails right after her son was born. Then again, she may just have wanted low maintenance for herself. You be the judge.

Do you think Kailyn Lowry secretly welcomed a fifth child or are fans just grasping at straws? Are you hopeful that she did? Let us know in the comments below.

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