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Janelle Brown Never Agreed To Kiss Kody & Robyn’s Feet

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With Kody and Robyn Brown continuing to take center stage in the family, the other wives are struggling to find their place. On Sister Wives this season, Christine already left. Janelle remains questionable on her future, and it has fans talking.

In the end, Janelle said this entire marriage with Robyn is not what she signed up for.

Janelle does not want to play second fiddle on Sister Wives

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives
Janelle Brown from Sister Wives

With Janelle struggling with her status in the family on Sister Wives, fans have sympathized with her. Kody basically said that his relationship with his wives remains severed, except for Robyn. While Kody claims that Janelle’s lack of respect for his COVID-19 rules is the problem, Janelle sees things differently.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to expect that my wife would be loyal to me and that she would be an accountable person,” Kody said. Janelle responded by saying things were great until he expected everyone to act more like Robyn. She said, “that’s not what I signed up for.”

In a Reddit thread, Sister Wives fans debated what was going on in the family with Kody. One mentioned that this was not about Kody Brown being the head of the family. It was about Robyn being recognized as the “head wife.”

This led another to point out that “The only who will bow down to the feet of the queen is Meri, because she see’s her value.” They then mentioned that Christine and Janelle were tired of playing the game. While the first three wives talk about their heartache, Robyn sat there and played innocent the entire time.

Fans believe Janelle has already left Sister Wives

Janelle Brown on Sister Wives
Janelle Brown on Sister Wives

What people need to remember is that Sister Wives is taped way in advance. The show is likely getting closer to the present day, but it will not feature what is happening in their lives right now this season. That has some sleuths looking and seeing if Janelle Brown is still with Kody.

Some even said they believe Janelle is using a different last name now. This makes some wonder if she followed Christine out of the family. This would leave Kody with just Meri, who he said he no longer considers a wife and Robyn.

The family will likely say nothing about this publicly, though. With the show still airing, they all signed non-disclosure agreements. They can’t say anything that would spoil where the show is going, even on their own social media accounts. However, as with Christine, she gave plenty of hints as to what was coming for her this season. If fans want to know if Janelle is gone, they will have to wait until it plays out on TV.

Is it time for Janelle Brown to leave the family on Sister Wives? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Hit them in the wallets Janelle! I knew she devil Robyn was going to take over! I seen it from day 1.
    Cody is narcissistic, greedy, and seems heartless when it comes to original 3 sister wives and children!!
    He cares ONLY for himself!

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