Fans Urge Janelle Brown: Take Legal Action Against Robyn & Kody

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Sister Wives Season 17 has had some shocking financial revelations about the plural family, especially Janelle Brown. Given that the 53-year-old is struggling to build a house on Coyote Pass, fans believe that Kody and Robyn have financially abused her for years. They even wish for Janelle to take legal action against Kody to get back on her feet. How would that happen given they were never married? Let us find out what fans have to say!

How Did Kody & Robyn Rob Janelle Brown Financially?

Back when Kody married Robyn, she brought along a massive credit card debt into the family. This was a $32,000 debt from stores including Target, Victoria’s Secret, and Sears. With the aid of the family’s money, especially from Janelle and Meri’s income, Robyn’s debt was paid off. Furthermore, Janelle and Meri gave the proceeds of their Las Vegas homes to contribute to Robyn’s $900,000 house based in Flagstaff.

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If Janelle’s Las Vegas home selling price is proof, she gave away $300,000 for Robyn’s house robbing her of a chance to build her own home in Coyote Pass. Now that she wants the family to prioritize paying off the Coyote Pass land so that she can start building, Kody seems all frustrated and in denial.

Can Janelle Brown Sue Kody For Child Support?

Janelle and Kody were never legally married, so taking legal recourse might not be as fruitful. However, on Reddit, a fan decoded how she can go about it and sue Kody for things such as fraud, unjust enrichment, child support, alienation of affection, and many more.

Agreeing with the OP, another Redditor claimed, “I love that you are saying this is fraud. I think Robyn has been planning this since she walked in the door. She played a long-term scheme to get the family money.”

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“I 100% agree! I wish Janelle would get a lawyer and fight Kody and Robyn and take all she is entitled to,” wished the third Sister Wives fan.

A fourth fan talked about Robyn’s manipulation stating,

“She has been but she never expected any of the wives to leave. She’s used to polygamist wives being submissive and isolated, afraid to leave. She expected to boss them around through Kody, taking their money until they died. She never would have given anything to the other wives if Kody died nor their children.”

Sister Wives Fans Wish To Fund Janelle’s Attorney Fees

Many Redditors even claimed that suing Kody was a brilliant idea. They are even open to the idea of contributing to a GoFundMe for Janelle’s attorney fees if she does take action. Some skeptical fans claimed this might not work given that Robyn is the legal wife and not Janelle.

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Do you think Janelle should take legal action against Robyn and Kody? Will Robyn’s legal wife status affect Janelle’s case? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. In .y opinion, Robyn is a deceitful, scheming fraud that turns on the facet of fake tears as a means of emotion that she does not process. Her heart is cold and empty. I wish Janelle would sue for damages caused to her emotionally but these two egoistical people. Christine, Janelle and Meri deserve true unconditional love from a man. Give the dude the boot.

    1. Robyn was selfish and self centred from the get go . She did nothing and expected to be waited on . Karma is a bitch and Kody is a joke . He knows he’s losing his meal tickets . That show is the ladies income so as they become independent he knows he’s screwed 😂

      1. Poor poor Robyn.. nobody likes her… Wah!!! You reap what you sow… and Robyn’s will get the respect when she and her forking spoiled ass children give it.
        Got Covid?? Too bad. Pit on your Victoria secret nightly and go to forking bed

        1. I totally agree with you and further more why not use that money from the homes in Vegas to pay-off the land to build. Instead they buy that expensive house.

          1. But she didn’t want that house. She and Cody argued about it and he kept forcing it. She wanted to rent. Believe me I am not her fan either, but I place most of the mess at kody’s feet. He is very self centered and narcissistic.

      2. It sounds like a great idea, but I think Janelle has standards that would keep her from doing this. She deserves it, but I don’t think she will see it as an option for her. Afterall, Kody is still her kids father. But I can still see her finding a way to come out on top. She is so smart. Too bad Christine didn’t gift her Coy-kody Pass (pass over wives 1 – 3). I can just see her coming out the big winner somehow.

        1. Janelle would have to prove Kody didn’t support the children in the past. All except one are grown and gone. Then I can almost guarantee she would have to prove he was the father. I have little to no doubt that the only child his name is on as father on the birth certificate is Meri’s daughter. She was the only legal wife until the swap with Robyn. He might be on the birth certificate for Robyn’s youngest if they were married when she was born. I can’t remember if Meri and Robyn swapped legal status before the girl was born.

          I think Christine could rock his world. I believe Christine was the welfare wife. She was the single mother of 6 children with no employment. She got the welfare goodies and if she filed for child support for Truely, I think the welfare department might asking a whole lot of questions. The biggest problem with that is it would put Christine in just as much hot water as Kody.

      3. I kept saying this Robin living her best life the big house a mf nanny and while Kody over there 99percent of the time….Merri just brainwash believing everything Robin say…She’s miserable as hell And Janelle should just leave they using tf outer her…

        1. I have been watching this show since it first aired. Now we know what really happened!!When Robin came into the family Christine just gave birth and kody didn’t care, he was on a 10 day honeymoon! He never raised his kids but robins kids are his life!! She ruined the whole family and janelle and meri both gave them 300,000$ each for Robins house, kody doesn’t care!! It’s so obvious that he could care less about anyone else!! Janelle should tell him give me back my 300,000$ and F off!,, he told her it’s ok to get her trailer and now hates it!, He the worst husband ever and meri keeps thinking she will have a chance with kody and we all know he can’t stand her!, I’m sorry but this is so sick to watch what he’s not doing for anyone else!! Leave him!!!

      4. agree. Robyn and kody are gold diggers and the 2 don’t care about his kids and their mom’s. kody and Robyn have been seen to prove that they only care about Robyn’s kids. I think kody should be jailed after what we’ve all seen on TV and social media. don’t surprise us if kody has already done illegal action against his kids cause they’ve all turned against him for some reason. the truth will come out but it will be to late to change being touched illegally and that’s sad

        1. unfortunately I now see the clear abuse robyn introduced into the family! kody keeps saying he’s got little ones to consider! He had a newborn with Christine, he did not prioritize her at all!!! He even hesitated to spend all of his time at the hospital, and further more didn’t bother much after truly almost died!!! none of Robyn’s kids were ever that frail!!!! He should of been hunkered down at Christine’s for covid with trulys kidney problems! You don’t sever relationships with young adult children either, you’re not severed from robys adult children? robyn , and kody give janelle her money back, and go earn your own money!!

      5. I am so glad the ladies are staying on the show. it would be horrible without them, but by being on the show they each get 20% of the income, drastically reducing the power couples income. I am so looking forward to the day they have to move and I would love to see Janelle rent them her trailer. it would be poetic if they had to move from that big house to the trailer.

    2. I would even donate $ to help Janelle fight those 2 narcissistic leeches as well. She and Christine SHOULD do something about all of the emotional abuse this creepy self absorbed HAIRY pig of a man has caused not to mention the financial abuse!!! Meri is a lost cause. Robyn has her twisted round her little finger with promises of helping Meri get back in that PIGS good books. When all along , all Robyn wants is the money that Meri makes ….especially now that she can’t get her hands on Christine’s. Meri is to pitied while she scrounges around revelling in any tiny titbits of any HINT of attention that the hairy pig drops on the ground for her to grovel for. Grow a backbone Meri and just STOP! PLEASE!!! YOU are worth far more to some other man out there who would treat you like the good woman you are….put YOU on a pedestal and love you for you. You shouldn’t have to be “more like Robyn” for ANY MAN.

        1. you are wight.Cristen
          didn’t have a nanny and she had all the kids.Robin doesn’t work,but need’s a Nanny.Kody didn’t even go with his daughter when she had to go in the hospital and said it was because he didn’t want Robin and THEIR kids to get sick(ya right).He is a user.And keeps saying that his kids by other and wife’s don’t respect him or his choices he makes.Why would any woman stay with a man SAID there will be no more sex in our life.Mary is just stupid.A man that talk’s about that there is no love for her as a mate just as a friend.I believe that all his love goes to Robin and all of the money that his other wife’s bring home ( DUMB).I hope the other wife’s wake up.But Mary will never she’s like a puppy waiting for a little love.Its all messed up.That man and Dumbas-wife should be kicked to the trash.
          Ever one can see how they are.But them.He looks like a Winny little girl.I need you stop watching but the train wreck is hard to quit.

      1. Meri is caught in the cycle of abuse. it’s hard to break that cycle. she needs to get away from Robin and kodys manipulations. They are both narcissist s. Christine and Janelle should file for child support. kody is a narcissistic leach. He is a poor excuse for a father. I wanted to slap him so bad when he didn’t go for Christine’s daughters surgery. worst excuse ever “the other kids need me”. For what? To watch you look I’m the mirror and talk bad about their mothers.

        1. You are so right Teresa! (Except the slap part)!
          Yes kody said “the other kids need me,” but then what does their Nanny do?!?!

        2. Karma is a bitch. And after all of Kody’s strict rules of quarantine, Robin and her whole family got covid anyway. Any half intelligent person could see right through that narcissist’s bs. And poor Kody, still acting like the eternal victim for the cameras was hurting so badly…in his super mansion that he and his leech, Robin claim is theirs…well here is Janelle’s chance to finally gain momentum and restore her pride by walking out like Christine did and sue the crap out of them both for the fraud that they committed. And Meri can sit by like a lump on a log professing to still love Kody and plural marriage. But the truth is that her self.esteem is so low and her fear of being totally alone keeps her from leaving, even in lieu of the fact that Kody can’t stand her. It’s pretty pathetic…the symbiotic dependency of them. C’est la vie!!!

      2. I am laughing and crying at this post! #Spoton!!!!! I can not stand his pathetic self. it’s always somebody else’s fault, he’s always got an excuse. Meri is indeed a lost cause. she makes women look like beggars literally just sitting around with her tongue hung out and her paws up in front of her waiting on Kody to pat her on the head and say good job Meri, good girl!!! I’m overly sick of the fake water works from Robyn.

        1. if they wanted to build on coyote past so bad why did he even allow Robin to buy a $900,000 home why didn’t she buy something smaller and something less drastic then they could have paid coyote pass off quicker and then he could have built and he fair up all your wives

          1. Your right when they show a little about the house it’s real nice,and saying to Kody that she might not be gone with babies.But with a Nanny way not she doesn’t have to watch them or pay for them.Kody not paying the bills without the other two wife’s giving him their money.Selling Gun’s ????

        2. I have to agree with everything that is being said. I’m so glad that Christine stood her ground and didn’t or isn’t going to give Kody any of the money from the sale of her house. His ego and pride was hurt when Christine left him. It was clear that he didn’t love her. He is so fony it makes me sick to him on TV. Hopefully Meri wises up and leaves him too she has not chance with him and he told her that is she really that dumb or just desperate. He really needs to understand that respect is earned not given. He is straight up a poor excuse for a man.

    3. I would move in that $900,000. house take over master bedroom. Don’t leave until they pay every penny back! Its been well broadcasted they are all sister wives. Sell your plot of coyote pass! I thought kody put nothing in his name? whose name is house in? whose name is coyote pass in? Hard to believe women in this day and age would let a man take THEIR money for himself and robyn while Robyn sits at home on her ass all day with a maid taking care of her children that she should be taking care of. Dont you see the 2 of them are nothing but con artist. They are living high on the hog while you pay and have nothing to show for it! Matter a fact you should move kody Robyn and kids into the rv! Come on Janelle your smarter than this!! Merri she is just dumb, why would you stay where you are definitely not wanted!

    4. I agree 100%. She needs to sue them for the money they owe her for the house. She needs to put a lien by on the house Robin is in for the amount of money she put toward that house. Kody has been using her, Meri and Janelle to find his and Robyn’s life style. He has been sleeping with any of the others, and Janelle said it had been years. S as lol he wants us Robyn. He doesn’t have to work as long as he keeps those women in the hook. I wish Meri would wake up. How many times does he have to say he doesn’t consider her his wife.

    5. I agree with you 💯. Kody serves whatever Robyn dishes out. They serve each other. Give the land to the ladies. They worked for it.

    6. Absolutely Kody is treating Janelle so badly trying to make her walk away leaving all the assets she has given “the family” in homes and assets financially so he does not have to pay her back what she’s invested in the family. YES take legal action against them get your $$$$ back and move on to a better life and stop being used by Kody and Robyn.

    7. Truth!!!! Alllll of it!!! Robyn is the reason …along with dorky; self serving; lying Kody are the reasons all this is falling apart

    8. just because you are not legally married does not mean you cannot sue for child support damages whatever. there is such a thing called common law marriage. most considerate common law if the couple has been together for a number of years which in this case absolutely qualifies.

      1. I wish Janelle Sue, Kody and Robin, then get the money and leave Kody! Kody mistreated all his not legal wives, when cry baby Robin came alone and married him. karma goes around Kody and Robin

    9. I don’t see why Robyn is surprise without the other wives her and Kody can no longer afford the lifestyle she come to love. meri needs to see how strong she really is but all she ever know is Kody and the other wives. I wholeheartedly agree that she leave Kody as Robyn is the only legally married and the other wives made you and her comfortable at the expense. And the last season and this season how selfish they both are is it me but every since this show began Kody was humble now a maniac drunk with power and now it seem like it there fault it’s not ladies. Also do you see how he treat his kids from the first three wives but yet Robyn gets the bigger house as well as a nanny and she just got caught wearing a pair of $200.00 sandal.

    10. I agree totally I wished all the other sisters would ask For child support 2 Cody is just a scumbag And Robin 2

    11. Notice he wants to have no physical or intimate relationship with any of the wives except for Robyn. He plays the victim with Christine when he chose to be in a plutonic relationship with her. Now he is trying to get Janelle to walk away. I think he under estimates her.

    12. Janelle needs to sue to get her fair share. She has put her hard earned money into the pot. She deserves her fair share. A good attorney could get it for her. He has claimed her his wife all these years. I think viewer would help. I would.

    13. I think this is all a plan to get rid of Christine,Janelle, and Meri so kidder can marry three young wives and start having more children.not that he takes care of the ones he already has that was always Christine’s job. He always has a way to blame someone else for everything even if it means rewriting history what a waste of space.

  2. In .y opinion, Robyn is a deceitful, scheming fraud that turns on the facet of fake tears as a means of emotion that she does not process. Her heart is cold and empty. I wish Janelle would sue for damages caused to her emotionally but these two egoistical people. Christine, Janelle and Meri deserve true unconditional love from a man. Give the dude the boot.

      1. I agree. She manipulates Meri so bad. i can’t stand the sound of her whiney voice. her and Kody deserve each other. 2 disgusting people.

    1. it’s always about poor Cody he hasn’t been a husband to anybody but Robin and I really hope that you know and Mary walks away from him but first get some of your money back they talked about the covid and they’re the ones that brought the covid in the family and I don’t understand the sad I read is Robin actually giving Cody permission to sleep with her daughters

      1. I feel I have been watching a different show. I agree I don’t like Cody I feel that he has taken all the money over spent, given more to Robyn. but I Cody has mentally possibly physically abuses Robyn, I feel she’s scared of him. on multiple occasions she has mentioned how he’s changed and he’s not a nice man and he’s angry, and she is so brain washed by him she is stuck in this abusive cycle and doesn’t even know she’s init. she sticking it out because she is so in love with him and bows to his every move, but she’s scared. he’s got her where he wants her. I hate how he has treated the other wives. but so glad he’s walked away and left them alone. I just hope they take his opening for a out and walk away. compleltly agree about the money thou. he isn’t entitled to any of iva of there house sales. they both have under age kids and in a real divorce would be entitled to the house profits aswell as half of anything he owns in his name. he has nothing of theres in his name and they owe him nothing. but if they went for legal action just having the kids would entire them to half his stuff no legal marriage needs to be there.

  3. let the children who are 18 years old and older sue kody for child support.. the kids got the browns name .. mothers can show they are birth moms.. keep the moms out of the lawsuits…
    let the kids sue kody …

    1. Sue his but she doesn’t have to be legally married she and the kids carry his last name and she has the tapes to prove she gave money expecting it back

      1. I think that Janelle and Meri r not treated right. Christine was always jealous but i will say this he does have a favorite and its Robyn . As far as Robyn is concerned not sure what he seen in her. she is not even pretty at all and those eyebrows look horrible. I am not sure why anyone would do them selves up like that. Meri made a mistake letting divorce her to merry that .

    2. Plus, Robyn older kids need to get off their butts and find a job like the other Brown kids are doing. kody is definitely using them to fund their lifestyle. I’m not sure why Meri is treating Christine so bad when her ass was going to leave the family for a guy. But dummy didn’t know she was being catfish. Christine didn’t turn her back on meri like she doing to Christine

      1. EXACTLY, Carolyn!!! Christine didn’t turn her back on Meri when she was catfished, but Meri, knowing what it is like to be treated like s¥|t by Kody, turns her back on Christine. Does she think THIS is her in with Kody? Because it was at the end of Kody’s cameo at the end of this show that Kody says something to the effect that he wishes Meri would leave, too. When I watch Meri bad mouth Christine, you can see the hypocritical outrage and judgment written all over Meri’s face.

  4. Kody is a very self absorbed person who blames everyone else for his mess ups. He has not treated Christine , Mary or Janelle with any kind of respect. His focus is on Robyn and her children who all seem angry and that is coming from being around
    Cody and Robyn. I’m happy Christine stood up for herself and left to make a better life for herself. Why Mary is hanging around is a mystery and now Cody is disrespecting Janelle.

  5. Kody’s sons don’t even speak to her loser. Why is Robin always crying? Those 2 drama Queens deserve each other. Janelle sue those two get your money and kick dumb ass to the curb and move on

  6. Kody is a jerk. He wants people to see Christine Janell and Meri to be seen as mean horrible UNDESERVING people and see Robyn as a victim. It is clear he wants one wife Robyn and believes people are so stupid we’d believe it. He has made life hell for his children with Christine Janelle and Meri He should pay for that I can’t stand him. He needs to own what he has done.

    1. Mary and Janelle need to pack their bags and leave the pig. I would bet my next paycheck that once they do, Robin will follow. Simply because she is not going to stay with that pig once she doesn’t have Janelle and Mary’s money.

  7. I’m not that Robyn!
    Robyn came into the Brown Family with nothing but bills up the butt & 3 kids! She hasn’t ever did anything for the family but TAKE TAKE TAKE & CRY ALL THE TIME. Kody & Robyn are nothing but con artist BIG TIME! The two of these user’s should take a long look in the mirror! What they will see won’t be pretty! 2 CONS THAT’S ALL THEY ARE!!!

    1. I totally agree I never understood exactly what Robin did for a living or what she brought to the family other than her baggage her bills and her kids or why she has a nanny to take care of her kids when she sits at home on her butt while the other ladies pay her bills and as far as Mary goes I don’t understand that situation at all he’s made it clear he’s not in love with her and hasn’t been for years Janelle seems to be the one to stand up for herself I just haven’t figured out why she hasn’t left his butt yet and Christine used to be the one I didn’t like but now she’s my favorite I’m so proud of her the other two need to take lead and leave Cody and Robin in the gutter where they belong

  8. So proud of Christine for leaving and jenell for standing up for herself…..Mary knows she is not loved by Cody but she chooses to stay and smirk while Cody was going off on Christine….I hope sister wives gets cancelled…..I hope Christine and jenell have there own spin off…..what you two went through you both deserve this……pay your own bills Robyn…..take responsibility Cody on how you have treated your other children….I wish Christine Jenell and there children the best of luck…..if you have your own spin off I will be definitely watching…..sister wives needs to be cancelled….

  9. I have always felt that Kody was a user and now he is being used by a bigger user Robyn. They deserveeach other. Janelle does need to sue Kody for her money and get the heck out of there.

  10. Sunday night with Cody telling Janelle she acts single!! The bottom line with all these sister wives,Cody is NOT going to bed with any of them!!! Robyn and Cody makes sure of no sexual contact with the other women!!Cody and Robyn are not fooling any one! They want these wives for the money!! He has not been with any one of the wives in years! Sue these scammers! Sell their million dollar home and recover your money!!I don’t want to see Robyn and Cody on this show!! Fraudster Family!!!

    1. I agree. She manipulates Meri so bad. i can’t stand the sound of her whiney voice. her and Kody deserve each other. 2 disgusting people.

  11. This guy is a joke.Being polite I see his first wife going postal with all she was put through to be sidelined anyway.When she wakes up and sees that 4th wife gets what should have been hers. They put this on TV for the world to see so all these women should be intitled to something from him. He wanted the polygamous life he should beable to support all 4 women and all those kids he wanted ( that he doesn’t even try to spend time with )Sell that 900,000 dollar house and coyote pass and do what needs to be done. He has done everything to show the world he fell in love with Robin thats where hes at Come on most of the children see it .He needs to stop showboating and thinking hes something hes not and MAN Up

  12. Meri….leave! Janelle…leave!
    Let ms goody 2 shoes crybaby stay.
    Sue her and the no good for nothing user husband to get your money back!!!!Wake up So called sisterwives

  13. For the life of me I cannot understand any woman wanting to be with Kody. He is such an ass.He blames the women and his adult kids for everything. Nothing is ever Kody’s fault. It took Christine 25 years to figure it out and better late than never. That she was so calm during his tirades tells alot. As for Meri and Robyn and their crying and anger over the break up of the so called family, Meri simply doesn’t get it. Kody despises her and yet she hangs around for the family…her words. She is nothing to Kody. Meri has lowered herself to accepting a few crumbs of attention from a jerk who divorced her to marry the woman she brought into the family. A woman who came in with 3 kids and a $32,000 credit card debt. Meri and janelle then give Robyn and Kody their share of the sale of their homes so Robyn can buy a huge house she doesn’t need but it is what she wants. Janelle may want to build on her quarter of the Coyote Pass land but she should sell it and move on. Kody wants nothing to do with their kids, Christine’s kids of meri’s kid. The guy is a worthless bum and Robyn deserves him. They are 2 asses with a bunch of spoiled brats.

      1. You hit the nail on the head. i can hardly watch the show anymore because of Kody and his arrogance, superior attitude & his way of making it about how he has been hurt. Wish he would get off his high horse and act like a real man.

  14. Kody an robin are no good .mari u have affair an you treat Christine like shit because she wants a better life!shame on u

    1. Kody Brown is The ONLY One That Should Be HOLDING HIMSELF ACCOUNTABLE!!!!! WHAT A Big FREAKIN BABY! HE IS NOT LOYAL to Anyone but Himself & is DEFINITELY An F’n COWARD!!!!! LETS Not Forget LIAR!!! Janelle, I Too Am Spitting MAD! Kody is an ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Gabe! Happy Birthday!!! I Think it’s freakin hilarious they got Covid after all His Whining, Ridiculous Rules! Family Never Came 1st, What a JOKE!!!Big Hugs & Love to All!!!!!!!!!!

  15. It sounds like a great idea, but I think Janelle has standards that would keep her from doing this. She deserves it, but I don’t think she will see it as an option for her. Afterall, Kody is still her kids father. But I can still see her finding a way to come out on top. She is so smart. Too bad Christine didn’t gift her Coy-kody Pass (pass over wives 1 – 3). I can just see her coming out the big winner somehow.

  16. I dont know why we are so wrapped up in how these people handle their finances , or so and so is being used. they all seem like solid minded women and knew from the start that their money was going to pooled together , and this was the lifestyle they choose to be in and still choose it. Christine left for her own reasons but I don’t see any of these women as víctimes of cody or each other.

  17. Janelle gave her proceeds of her house with a promise of building a house on coyote pass. That is a contract. She definitely can sue.

  18. I think it’s disgusting that Robin is thinking about giving her two daughters to her husband. How sick is that. Her and her husband make me sick. I feel really bad for the other wives. Great Christine left. She deserves a man that really loves her.

  19. I think she could go after him. Because of the children. For support and a whole lot more. Still has a underage child. He is just a baby daddy. They don’t have to be married to the mother to pay out the nose!!

  20. Oh my yes yes yes!! I would think since they are airing their dirty laundry (meaning Kody and Robyn) on National TV it would not take much to prove what they are doing.
    The longer this show goes on the more I dislike the two of them! Kody is crazy and getting worse. They drove a wall between themselves and most everyone else with COVID issue and then who gets it! YUP those two who did everything in their power to tear the family apart. Now we have Robyn’s daughters boo-hoping on TV!
    I sincerely hope Janelle leaves Kody as well. Then perhaps Janelle and Kristine could have their own show and goodbye to Robyn and Kody! Oh my gosh Robyn and Kody would have to pay their own way.

    1. if people would stop watching this show the ratings would go down the toilet and Cody and gold digging robbin would go bust. with meri janell leaving .meri Janelle and Christine could start a spinoff called life after the gold diggers.. like the golden girls show and earn living them selves from the show..

  21. Oh my yes yes yes!! I would think since they are airing their dirty laundry (meaning Kody and Robyn) on National TV it would not take much to prove what they are doing.
    The longer this show goes on the more I dislike the two of them! Kody is crazy and getting worse. They drove a wall between themselves and most everyone else with COVID issue and then who gets it! YUP those two who did everything in their power to tear the family apart. Now we have Robyn’s daughters boo-hoping on TV!
    I sincerely hope Janelle leaves Kody as well. Then perhaps Janelle and Kristine could have their own show and goodbye to Robyn and Kody! Oh my gosh Robyn and Kody would have to pay their own way.

  22. Robin and Kody need to be in jail. They both are con artist taking these women’s money. Robyn is one sick puppy pawning her daughters ofon Kody just plan discussing. I hope Janelle leaves this so called family she is way to smart to go for there bullshit. Christine love that you left this family and starting over.

  23. Kody and Robin are two of the most self centered people ever. He is a disgusting man and father to his biological children by his “other wife’s”. He made it clear when he cried about not being able to see Robin’s daughter for 10 days during the covid illness. She friggin lives down stairs! That pig didn’t even shed a tear when is own daughter had to have scoliosis surgery and wouldnt even accompany her. I truly can’t stand him. How fitting that the two people who set such high standards and refused to be around his other children would get covid. They got what they deserved. Christine and Janelle should get a spin off show and his “Sister Wifes” should be canceled. He doesn’t deserve anymore air time. I for one won’t what these two idiots anymore.

  24. episode 13 had Cody baiting Janelle in my opinion.. in this comment to her that she always acted SINGLE..luckily Janelle talked about her marriage instead. one point while Janelle is not a legal wife after 26 years and 6 kids she is a “putative wife” recognized by law…but the polygamy will lessen her stance a bit. Janelle can show her earnings and the 401K she cashed out for Robyns house. she has a financial track to use in court.

    1. What kind of woman shares their husband with other women? I’m thinking, one without brains for sure. Do u want to sleep with a man that just had sex with another woman. Not NO, BUT HELL NO

  25. Kody Brown is an imposter.

    His investment in plural marriage is simple: money. And a TV show.

    Each of the women on the show are part of Kody’s script and represent a financial benefit to him. He has no legal responsibility to three of them but he does to those children who are minors. He could owe child support when any of the women leave and should claim it.

    He encourages Meri to leave but is mad because Christine did. WTH?
    His pretend relationship with Janelle has been revealed. Blaming Christine? Ridiculous.

    Bravo to Christine for changing the direction of the show by refusing to waste any more of her life. And Kody’s response is how dare she leave when he worked so hard to pretend-love her. How dare any of them want to leave. Kody wanted a kingdom where three of his wives were slaves. Well, Christine got out. Meri was trying to get out when she went looking online. And now Janelle has seen the light that Kody, after all, can really only handle one woman. He’s chosen the witch-chinned manipulator named Robyn. Those two are equally matched in their fakery.

    So how pathetic would a show about Robyn and.Kody be? They’re hardly the Brady Bunch. Lol

  26. I truly believe Janelle should do what she feels The Lord is leading her to do. She is very smart, and has a lot of class. I do believe that her children, especially Gabriel, and the young girl have been damaged severely. Gabriel’s spirit is broken. He needs sincere prayer, please.

  27. it’s always about poor Cody he hasn’t been a husband to anybody but Robin and I really hope that you know and Mary walks away from him but first get some of your money back they talked about the covid and they’re the ones that brought the covid in the family and I don’t understand the sad I read is Robin actually giving Cody permission to sleep with her daughters

    PLEASE LEAVE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. My husband made the prediction early on (Season 1!) that Kody only really loved & desired Robyn & the other women were too busy raising kids & trying to make money for the “sister wives family” to take notice he no longer cared for them. He said Kody only lit up around Robyn & seemed to put her needs (& her kids) above everyone else’s. Learning about Robyn’s credit card debt being paid off by the women is outrageous! All because Kody loved her? I don’t understand why she couldn’t consolidate her debt & pay it off slowly like the rest of the world? Heck, I might marry some guy promising me the world too!!! It’s just that “the world” is funded by his other 3 wives – who are hardworking, good & moral people!! This is why jealousy is a good thing, it protects us from idiots & sponges like Kody & Robyn!! I’m so tired of her crocodile tears too, she should give back to these ladies who picked her up out of debt & despair & supported her far above her own means. If she had an ounce of scruples she would insist her & Kody sell their mansion & give back Janelle her money! Or just do something, take out a loan to pay her back, take some steps!!

    I fear Janelle doesn’t have much of a legal case though. Common Law Marriage isn’t recognized in Arizona, or in a lot states anymore, (Utah & Colorado do tho) & even so, he’s already legally married so that would probably make claims null & void. Also, all that money Janelle gave could be seen as very generous gift’s, I’m certain Kody would never leave a paper trail, or contracts, like “we’ll pay you back later”, he’s too used to scamming people so he knows what not to do. Child support, however, seems like the best avenue for her to legally pursue Kody. Plus those poor kid’s are scarred by Kody’s bad parenting. She should run this all by a lawyer familiar with polygamy in the US though, maybe she can claim fraud somehow. And we must understand that polygamy is ILLEGAL in the US, & this is the reason why – it doesn’t work, & it confuses people, & someone is ALWAYS getting used, and/or put out to pasture. POOR Meri & Christine, but so glad Christine got away!

    1. Poor Meri? She has treated Christine horribly over her leaving. Terribly and I don’t see how she can justify any of it. I don’t recall Christine passing judgement on Meri or giving her the silent treatment over the huge cat fishing affair debacle. Christine & Janelle were the heart & soul of that family. Christine for raising all the children while Janelle worked her butt off. Meri lost Cody for good when she cheated and they all lost Cody when he brought Robyn in.
      Lol, sorry this is so long, I get going on this! Haha!

  30. We shouldn’t forget that Robyn came into the Brown family with children from a previous marriage. No doubt, Robyn’s Ex is giving some child support. Also, in the very early shows, we see that Kody made sure that all his wives got “equal” time with him, meaning it helped the communication in each marriage. As that dissipated, so did the marriages. What is left is Robyn, because she gets the lion share of his time for the last five years at the very least. Kody is definitely no prize. He sucks at managing because he appears to be more reactive than proactive with his wives with the exception of Robyn. Kody screams about no respect from his wives. To me it translates as “be a door mat.” It took Christine years to find her authentic self. Janelle is not far behind. Meri, although fairly independent, is the least flexible of the wives, and therefore, change is more difficult for her. In order for her to leave, she has to adjust her perceptions and values of what family means to her.

  31. Robin knows since Christine’s $ left she has to somehow keep Janelle & Meri’s $. Robin also wants her children to stick around plus have to do nothing but spend $. Robin can control her 2 older girls & we know Cody now needs wives so in Robin’s eyes her daughters can b controlled. Robin would end up like Meri if new wives enter the picture

  32. start counting how many times says I or me. He is a narcissist! I can’t stand to even see him or Robin. If he marries or has sex with those daughters I want him and Robin prosecuted! Meri seems to forget that she was looking outside her marriage then has the nerve to turn on Christine
    Jenel leave! Not just for you but for your children too. You and Christine raised these kids Cody was not there and still isn’t. God please you.

  33. The way I see it is that Robyn being the legal wife would be the only way that Janelle could sue. If Janelle was the legal wife the money would be considered a marital asset and community property.

  34. This breaks my heart for Janelle. I can’t wait until she runs far away right behind Christine. Robyn has been annoying the you-know-what out of me, so last weekend I re-watched Season 1 of Sister Wives to refresh my memory. Wow, wow, wow! Everything is as clear as a bell now.
    You can see the demise of the other three wives’ relationships right away. Cody favoring Robyn and basically shoving it in all their faces. But most of all, Robyn’s manipulation and intentions are so blatantly obvious. Marry in to a plural family, have her debts and three kids taken care of, and finally have a house. So Meri allows Cody to divorce her so he can adopt Robyn’s kids? You never see one ounce of gratutude of that from Robyn.
    One thing that will get you if you rewatch Season 1, is when Christine was in labor and Cody says he needs to go home for clothes and back? He makes a pit stop at Robyn’s place for a kiss. Pffft! Janelle & Christine were the heart and soul of that family.
    What they’ve done to Janelle is disgusting. Rin, Janelle, run! She sacrificed so much for Cody & Robyn, they all did. And Meri? I’m so disappointed in her to the point I don’t want to look at her anymore. Have fun with Kody & Robyn, Meri – that is if he keeps you around. Highly doubtful. Sorry this is so long. Please rewatch Season 1.

  35. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Janelle follows suit with Christine and Kody begins campaigning for another wife? How do you think Princess Robyn would respond to that?

  36. Cody is always talking about being loyaled what the hell doesn’t he understand he’s not loyal to his other two wives. Janelle read between the lines he wants you gone but his eagle of another wife leaving him can’t take it. s*** if it’s financial situation keeping you there I send you money.dont you understand he want you to be like robin.look how he was when you was out to eat . he was more worried about his food getting cold then your marriage. I am sure Christine will let you come there. keep your head high and don’t back down he talks about how he don’t want to lose his family he don’t want to lose the money that comes from you. he talks about how Robin was so open to become one of the family members hell yeah she wanted to look what she’s got she’s got everybody’s money she’s a money hungry ugly b**** and he talks about he don’t want to sleep with dogs maybe he should get out of bed with Robin. just because you have a dick don’t make you a man

  37. What goes around comes around. Let her enjoy love from Kody, the sharing husband while it last.Tears from his other three wives with their children won’t fall down for nothing.
    Kody and Robyn are evils, God will punish them. Robyn’s face is written Satannnn.

  38. Janelle needs to find a lawyer familiar w polygamy cases and sue Kody and Sobyn (Robyn) for every penny she is owed. Then LEAVE. Meri is a classic case of abused wife (I’m not saying physical I mean emotional and mental) that’s why she hasn’t left and maybe never will. She’s still HOPING Kody will come around and she’ll have the relationship w him she did b4 Sobyn came along. You have to remember this is how Meri was raised and all she knows. So proud of Christine, again given this is the life she was raised in leaving must’ve been harder than any of us realize. Plus this IS their religion a covenant w God in their minds. I’m betting she had her mother’s example and support and that made the difference between her and Meri. It was obvious from the moment Sobyn came in who Kody would be devoted to and who he was attracted to physically. When he was intimate w Meri or Christine-which was obviously hardly ever, it was just to keep them in line enough to stay. For all Kodys speeches about the “bad men” the old men grooming and marrying young women, well look who’s doing the same. He kissed (on the lips) and hugged Sobyns daughters in a totally inappropriate way for years! Especially now. And if he marries one or both that should be nail in the coffin for Meri, Janelle and Sister Wives tv series.

  39. I am just waiting on wife’s 5 and 6 to come along. Kody loves the fact he is on TV, and let’s face it, being paid generously for it. now his wives are leaving him, one by one, without the wives, there is NO Show. I just Wonder how long it will take for wifie no5 to come along? Love to see Robyns reaction if it does happen…..

  40. i quite watching that show sometime ago i couldnt stand Kodu and what he šās doing to his first wife having hes to divorce him to Mary that witch and then trading hes like scum and sēj looking it up i am proud Christians got out and Janelle
    follows they deserve better as they wernt legally married to him

  41. I do my very best not to pass judgment on people. Especially given that we’re only seeing what the cameras show. I admit that it’s difficult though. In the beginning Kody appeared to love and care about his wives and children. However, he has changed so much from the Kody we saw in the first season. It certainly appears as though he has very little concern for anyone but Robin and her children now. I even have to wonder just how much he cares about Robin’s children.

    Robin initially appeared like a struggling singer mother who was trying to recover from a difficult marriage. But she has done so little to contribute to the entire family. It certainly appears like she only cares about herself. I even question how much she cares about her children. To me it seems like she only had her last two children to secure her relationship with Kody. Instead of doing what she could to repair her finances, she’s manipulated Kody and the other wives into paying off her debts and supporting a very selfish lifestyle.

    I know that many people criticize Mary for continuing to stay committed to Kody. Honestly, I think her marriage has been abusive from the beginning. She has been shamed for not being able to have more than one child. When the catfishing scandal came how, Kody behaved as though she had committed the worst sin possible. He never accepted his part in it all. I have been in abusive relationships. It’s extremely difficult to see things clearly. The amount of guilt and shame you feel is tremendous. Mary is growing and becoming stronger. I hope she gets to a point where she can see the sunlight through the trees.

    Christine deserves a million gold stars. She was the one who stayed home with all the children while Janelle and Mary worked. Had all of the children been in daycare, by law there would have been at least two providers. She did it all though. She cared for and loved them all. She cooked and cleaned. Her love for the children has always been unconditional!! She is the leader of the pack. I can only hope that the other wives will follow her example.

    Janelle has also been abused throughout the marriage. I question whether Kody ever loved her. He saw a very smart woman who could and would work her tail off to provide for everyone. I would bet that she’s provided more financially then Kody ever has. I’m so glad she has remained close to Christine. She’s a strong woman and I believe she’ll leave Kody.

    The ones I feel the most for are all the children. Thankfully they have mothers who love them unconditionally. Over the years Kody has hurt all them. They are the ones who have suffered the most.

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