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Janelle Brown Spills Tea On Robyn Depleting Family Funds

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown seemed insanely uncomfortable over the last few episodes. It’s been difficult for her to watch the other adults in the family argue and point fingers at one another. To make matters worse, Robyn even tried to drag Janelle into the drama at one point.

For now, Janelle seems content to stay out of the direct line of fire. She’s definitely supporting Christine but doesn’t want to fight any battles of her own. As time goes on, it becomes clear that Janelle is very invested in protecting her children and her own family’s best interests. After seeing the way the family has treated Christine, fans feel she’s making smart moves here.

Now, Janelle Brown says it’s her time to shine. She wants the family to spend some of the family budget on her instead of hoarding it all for Robyn. See what she had to say.

Janelle Brown points fingers at Robyn and Kody

Seasoned Sister Wives fans already know that Kody Brown favors Robyn. Over the years, a lot of the family budget has gone to help her needs and her children. When she joined the family, she came with a lot of debt. Robyn didn’t just monopolize Kody’s attention — she took up a lot of the family budget too. And now, some of the other wives are speaking up for themselves.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

Fans have definitely taken note of the situation and aren’t at all pleased about it.

“Really great point someone made,” a Redditor shared on the platform recently. “Most of that ‘family money’ seems like has always been Janelle’s money. Kody never could keep a job. It’s a shame she has no assets to show for it while Robyn reaps the benefits.”

They shared a post that said, “[Janelle] has worked all her life, contributing a bulk amount of money to the post. It’s disgusting that she has nothing to show for it. [Robyn] has contributed nothing financially and got that huge house. Sell that to pay off the land.”

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC

Most other users readily agreed with the OP on this one.

“They screwed you Janelle. Yea I don’t trust K&R either to honor you, honor your financial contributions, honor commitment to build a forever home for your fam,” one user said. Do you agree with Redditors here? Leave your own opinions in the comments below.

The drama will continue in next week’s episode

Christine may be the one in the hot seat at the moment, but many viewers think that it will be Janelle’s turn before very long.

Stay tuned for more information on Robyn, Janelle, and the rest of the Brown family. TLC will put out a brand new episode Sister Wives this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t miss out on the drama!

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  1. kody loves himself and Robyn the other wife’s are cash cows only sad they need to sell the big house pay off the property and build all three wife’s a house on coyote pass an Kody needs to man up be a father /husband to all

  2. Kody and Robyn so disgusting I cannot watch the show any longer. Please Janelle run away!!! Save yourself!!!!

    1. I agree with the other comments! Kody and Robin sit in Robins big house, while Janelle and pitiful Meri bring in all the money. At least Meri has a home, Janelle sits in a trailer and has nothing to show for all of the years she’s worked. Kody makes me sick, what a poor excuse for a man, let alone a father and a husband! I know Janelle loves Coyote pass, but I say, sell your land Janelle, move into an existing home where you and your children can live in love and peace. Say goodbye to the three musketeers, what a mess, you’ll be happier!!

      1. TLC aired nothing less than spousal abuse! And the online one being abused is Christine. Kody may think 18 kids will grant him a special place in heaven, but his behavior towards his wives and kids won’t! What a hypocrite. He has taught his family to be dysfunctional. AND HE HAS TREATED ROBYN AND HER KIDS BETTER FROM DAY ONE. TLC needs to cancel Kody. No one’s fault nut his. He has reaped what he has sowed…literally.

      2. yes I totally agree kody is a rude, arrogant pig of a man and Robyn and him deserve eachother, Robyn with her false tears, they forget what meri did for them, plus all the hard work Janelle put in, good on you Christine for leaving, leave kody,and crocodile tears together they are 2 idle, lazy saps

      3. I hope Janelle realizes what Kody and Robyn are doing. He wants to build his own home so he and Robyn have more property. Robyn didn’t help with Kodys relationships with his other “sisterwives”. So she’s so heartbroken that Christine didn’t fight for her “marriage”. What marriage? She’s heartbroken cuz she might have to actually work. Janelle is smarter then both Kody and Robyn. They are panicing. Kody stfu and Robyn get a job bitch!! You’ve lived a pampered life so far that gravy train has pulled out of that station.

  3. I think Cody making the remark that him Robyn and their kids are were the focus is then he said and the other kids something and Meri and Joelle needs to run others are just woman helping Robyn and Cody

  4. I am so sick of Kody whining about how he was done wrong by Christine. REALLY? He tells her that they will never have an intimate relationship again and she’s supposed to hang on there and live a lonely life?! He’s nuts! How he gave up so much to love her. I never saw any love there. they all should leave his sorry but and see how him and cry baby Robyn fend for themselves.

  5. It’s time Kody honors someone buy himself and Robyn! It’s time to pay tribute to Janell!
    She NEEDS a home, NOT a camper!! That’s not fair to her, Robyn brings $0 into the family Janell has always contributed! Boo on you Kody and Robyn for being so selfish!
    Kody suck it up buttercup! You have said yourself, your words, Christine was impregnated because of DUTY!! How can you say that?? SELFISH-MAN!!
    You’ve used your show to make money, spend it when you think it’s ok. You don’t olhonor these women, just Robyn. Even the first one to marry you gave us her marriage to make you happy and married Robyn. Shame on you, you want nothing to do with the other wife’s, shouldn’t have made that bed. Pull your head out Kody!!

  6. HA HA Curly Top! He is hitting rock bottom and sinking. I assure you Janelle and Christine won’t try and save you and Robin either.Verbally abused Christine, Janelle, and Meri for Robin. She is a con artist and she has you wrapped around her little finger. You are not the victim here. Those women and their children are the victims of your nasty vile way of trying to control them. No wonder Utah doesn’t want you ever back. I see it now. Janelle will rise above this with the true love and support from her children and Christine. Live with Robin and watch how you lose that house you live in and move to an apartment. That’s all he’s going to be able to afford. I hope Christine and Janelle gt their own show. And it’s called breaking away Sister wives.

    1. You could not have said that better, I highly agree . And TLC Shame on you allowing Cody or cootie and drama queen sibyl fake Robyn, to use that family and air it. Don’t you have standards? He and Sobyn are disgusting, please stop thier show and make a spin off of Janelle and Christine and their children

  7. Cody and Robin are both pos You see Robin’s 2 oldest are still living off the family.Strange since all of the other adult children have jobs and live on their own,Robin has always been a whining bag of wind out for her self doesn’t have to work has to have a nanny,she couldn’t raise the first 3 always had to have help wasn’t it Mykelti who had to help her with them so she and Cody could go out she also had to have a honeymoon paid for by the other wives like I said pos

    1. Kody made Janelle’s boys move out and get a job when they turned 18 yet The Queen’s older children continue to live in her million dollar home. why don’t they take over the nanny’s responsibilities and let the many go to save some money. Better yet why doesn’t The Queen get off her lazy butt and get a job.

      1. Robin and Cody are selfish, greedy soul suckers who use and abuse the sister wives. They should all jump ship and sue him for child support. Why should Robin get a nanny? She only has 2 kids who are already in school. Give that money to the other sister wives.

  8. I like Christine but she used to take Cody side with everything. Cody and Robyn schemed Meri so they could be legally married and remember they would help Meri buy the Inn. Also, he treats Robyn children better than his own. He is so dramatic. Robyn has never had sister wives. She is so dirty and that fake crying.God they are awful.

  9. I am not fond of Robin. Something about her irritates me. I like the other wives. I would leave him though. Im glad the other wife did. Who wants to be in a loveless marriage… Come on now

  10. Janelle should leave kodi now before she puts anymore money for coyote place. Don’t give k&R anything just leave and k&R will be the only ones who will have to pay for the land and they might lose it all.

  11. kody and Robyn deserve to sit and rot in the shot pot that they javelin stirred, what’s the saying “he who stirs the shit pot should have to lick the spoon” get to licking Robyn. Robyn is the reason the family has fallen apart she feels she is an entitled little princess and she should be taken care of and her entitled lazy children should be worshipped just like her. personally I think that Robyn and her daughters need to get off their high and mighty pedalstools and get jobs to contribute to the family that they have been bleeding dry since they first came on the screen. I feel that Kody needs to wake up and open his eyes to what has really happened to his family and who actually caused it to all fall apart that being his “precious.” She knew what she was going to do and what she’s been doing from the very beginning but what she wasn’t expecting was for any of the other wives to catch on and jump ship. She wanted the peasants to support her while she lived the life of the evil step mother and ugly sister wife. Good for Christine for taking her part of the money away hopefully soon Janelle and Meri will too so that Robyn will have to sit in the shit she stirred.

  12. leave Janelle…who would want kody anyway?? plural marriage gives the man all the away don’t longer be a part if such a so called religion….its a farce…men love it

  13. I have stopped watching the show because of Kody and Robyn. it was obvious at the beginning that he wanted her over the other wives, and she kept pretending to be a peacemaker and all along she was scheming for herself. Meri should never have given her marriage status to the witch. I rather watch a spinoff with Janelle and Christine. The things he said to Christine, these he say about Meri, and what he hints around about Janelle they all should move on. Oh yeah, Robyn is full of fake tears and bs. The other kids need to stick with their mothers, because that is where the real LOVE is at.

  14. I watched the show for a very long time and I know Janelle worked and helped save the money and Robyn has done nothing but set on her butt and try to look pretty her and Cody both r cons I wish they would stop the sister wives show and do a spin off with Christine and Janelle and their children Kody needs someone to check him and I’m just waiting on Janelle to put Robyn in check if I was Janelle I’d take him for everything I could get him for and ladies in the comments y’all have an awesome idea to stop sister wives and do a spin off with Janelle and Christine and Meri should’ve kicked Robyn’s butt when she kicked her dog like I said Cody and Robyn both cons and most of all piece’s of💩💩they deserve each other honestly

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