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‘Sister Wives’ Did Janelle Change Last Name, Dissing Kody Hard?

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Sister Wives fans are convicted that Kody and Janelle Brown are no longer together. Because it would be a PR nightmare and likely a violation of her contract, however, Janelle is forced to continue to pretend to be married to this man. Likewise, some fans argue she could just be using her own advice and making sure she’s in a good place financially before she walks away from Kody for good.

A recent thread on Reddit — that has since been deleted by the OP — dug up a bit of solid proof that Janelle is very much the single woman Kody has recently accused her of being. What was this solid proof? Keep reading for the details.

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Solid proof Janelle and Kody Brown split up?

Searching Janelle Brown on Spokeo, one fan explained they had heard rumors that Janelle was no longer living in Flagstaff. And, they were hoping to do a little research on her to prove whether the rumors were true. Upon doing this research, however, the fan ended up finding something far more interesting. Proof that Janelle Brown was putting distance between herself and Kody. What was this proof? Well, it was proof that she was legally referring to herself as something other than “Janelle Brown.”

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According to her listing on Spokeo, Janelle was actually referring to herself as Janelle Schriever. As those who are well-versed on Sister Wives history know, that is actually Janelle’s maiden name. Now, as far as fans know, Christine Brown left Kody but she did not change her last name. Considering she was well-known as Christine Brown and all of her children had the last name Brown, it was understandable that she would hold on to the last name.

It, however, appears as if Janelle Brown is a woman scorned. Simply breaking up with Kody and divorcing him spiritually isn’t enough for her. She wants to take a dig at his ego by throwing his last name in the trash can.

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Has she really changed her last name?

Now, the thread on Reddit did get deleted. So, there is the question of whether the information is legit. The screenshot of the Spokeo listing was very real. Other fans took issue with the listing revealing part of Janelle’s address. Likewise, some fans pointed out that Janelle Brown has absolutely no control over how her name is featured on Spokeo. So, it can’t be used as concrete proof that she’s actually changed her last name.

There were other fans who pointed out that there was never a point in time when Janelle Brown legally married Kody. Their marriage was spiritual. And, per Kody, he didn’t even feel married to Janelle. So, it is possible that Janelle simply never legally changed her name to begin with.

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    1. I said that a long time ago … I think that’s why the oldest hasn’t left the nest – why should she – she gets everything she wants just like her mom.

  1. I hope for her sake that she did, if she in fact took his name to begin with. He is a narcissistic little toad that doesn’t deserve any of them. Well, almost any of them, Robyn is almost as bad.

  2. I would love to see a spin off of Christine and Janelle’s survival after split. Show women how they can soar after divorce. Kody is so sick don’t understand how they can continue to show his perverted life style. So sick with his Step daughters.

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