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Kody Smirks As Janelle Brown Asks If He Would Protect Her

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Kody is claiming that he does not want to lose another wife. So, he met with his second wife, Janelle Brown to discuss their marriage. Unfortunately, it seemed that Kody had a mold that he wants Janelle to fit into and it looks a lot like his fourth wife, Robyn. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, the two had a candid conversation about where their marriage stood. When the subject of Kody protecting Janelle came up, he had an offputting reaction. Read on for more details.

Kody Smirks As Janelle Brown Asks If He Would Protect Her

It is clear that Kody favors Robyn over his other wives. When Janelle and her children had Covid, he did not stop by and check on them or seem to care. Yet, when Robyn and most of her kids caught it, it was as if the world was crashing down. Prior to this, Kody realized he and Janelle needed to work on their marriage of nearly 30 years. She has been consistently acting like she is single and makes decisions on her own. However, she maintains that she cannot wait for him to do things.

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Plus, as part of the marriage, she feels that she has a sense of autonomy. Kody goes on and on about how loyal Robyn is but how she has not been treated fairly all along. Robyn feels that it was very hard to mesh with the family. However, Janelle notes that she disagrees and feels that Robyn kept herself quite separate from the family, at times. She then asks Kody if the roles were reversed and it seemed like she was being treated poorly, would he defend her? To that, he just chuckles.

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He wants Janelle’s sons to apologize to Robyn, something his fourth wife had no idea that he would bring up. Furthermore, he wants the same loyalty from Janelle that he gets from Robyn. It seems that he just wants all of his wives to be like Robyn. Yet, all that Janelle wants is to know that she means as much to him as Robyn does.

Fans React

A Reddit thread was started over the clip of the meal and conversation between Kody and Janelle Brown. “Notice how he blatantly doesn’t answer her question about what he would do if the roles were reversed and comes back with a cross complaint instead. Very mature, my dude,” one person commented. Another added: “My god when asked if he would speak up for Janelle if the tables were turned, he gets up in her face, doesn’t answer the question, and points out that she lives like a single woman. Well who’s fault is that Kody. She should be demanding that he act like her husband, if that’s what she wants.”

In the end, it is clear that Kody only wants to defend Robyn but will Janelle continue to stand for it and how long? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Janelle should sue Kody and Robin for the money they owe her and not let Kody & Robin end up owning all of the property they all bought. kody and Robin should take a 2nd mortgage on Robin’s house and devide Cyotes Pass into 4 properties. 1 for Robin & Kody 1 for Janell 1 for Meri and 1 for Christine. meri they owe you a house and property.

    1. Janelle you are intelligent enough to know Kody needs to be kicked to the curb. Kody is manipulative and so is Robyn with their victim attitudes. Save yourself. It is what you have had to do your entire life with this child of a “man”.

      1. You have been showing your children, by example, how to take care of themselves. Thank God you were able to demonstrate logic, reason, planning, finance and the important issues of life. Now, teach them how to set a boundary and stick to it. You have this.

        1. I don’t know if Janelle left or just went to spend some time with Maddie. I have no clue what Meri is up to. Rumors are around that Robyn’s son Dayton went back to live with his father. One said Robyn left, too. Don’t know but I do know I keep getting pulled into this show after saying years ago that this is just stupid. I am starting to feel like one of Kody’s wives.

      2. I agree——drop Kody——he’s not worth the aggravation or heart ache………Kody & Robin deserve each other………
        Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. it’s so clear he only cares for Robin and her kids. he cried because the 1 child of hers that didn’t get covid had to stay away from them for 10 days and she lives downstairs! however when his own daughter had to have surgery not only did he not go to support her you never saw him shed a tear. him and the cry baby are horrible people. it’s just about them and her kids.

      1. Janell I unlike Meri is smart enough to know it is way past time for her to leave however, she was bamboozled into kody and soppen Robin to take her money and know is destitute and without home or money and is still responsible for a child. Sue them Janelle and get your money back. then you leave and never look back. they deserve each other. they are manipulator

    3. Kody does not have the intelligence of a gnat! He wanted Stepford Wives and got women that are at least smarter than he is. He wanted a sex pool and a tribe of kids to work and support him. Robyn is even dumber than Kody and the only way she can communicate is cry! Christine is the smartest one of all to get the heck out of Dodge!

    4. I have lost patience with Janell. What she has done as a mother to these children is no better than child abuse. This man is no father yet she opens her home and bed up for the occasional f—k and allows her children to be neglected by this sperm donor. When you continue to do that to your kids that is abuse.

  2. kody you are joking right … you are a butt !!!

    Janelle leave kody now !! you got your answers .. kody will Never defend you like Robin..

    like I keep saying.. the children 18 years old or older should stand together and sue kody .. the kids got brown name on them .. mom’s can proof he is the father – birth certificates…
    we know it was the mom’s who took care of the kids ..
    yes kody might not have money .. but yet winnings the case would be putting kody and Robin in there space ..

    I also said / posted that kody beats the wives ( all but Robin) physically and emotionally abuse …. I would also abuse the kids ( again but Robin’s)..

  3. I m happy for you ladies. My husband and I have been watching for years . Life is complicated. We talk about your situation and feel Cody was young you all where when you started this family . Hard to keep one marriage going never mind four. He married you ladies because he saw his dad do it ,he thought it was what he wanted . He doesn’t understand love .

  4. Cody is such douche bag. He can’t believe that Christine would wise up to his misogynistic control freak ways. He thinks he such a prize. News flash Cody your just a jerk. Bye!!!

    1. Very true he’s in disbelief that a money source he treated badly has finally seen him for what he is, Christine leaving completely floored him I wish Janelle would quickly do the same thing and take every penny she’s owed off them I am between anger and pity for Meri she’s been brainwashed by Cody for all the years what we are seeing is grooming and Stockholm syndrome play out in front of us.

  5. It seems like Kody is trying to give Meri and Jenelle an “out” so he can just be with Robyn. He definitely doesn’t want Jenelle building on the property. I think he only wants it all for him, Robyn and their kids. He for sure was pissed when Jenelle bought that RV without asking him first.

    1. I agree totally.Kody is obsessed with being the man, the “boss” and these women are finally waking up and realizing that they don’t need him and his attitude.So 1950’s! Also, I’m getting more than a little tired of Robyn’s tears and her acceptance of Kody’s domination.

  6. He wants sobyn’s Daughters to have more baby’s for him! He and sobyn are just nasty! Wives get your money and get away from these two vipers!

  7. So glad others are seeing what I do. Kody is all about Robyn and her kids. Meri and Janelle bought Robyn’s house.

    I’m waiting for them to unhing the way Kody does. I went back and watched other seasons and I believe Kody has been planning to push the other ladies out since he married Robyn. All he says is polygamy isn’t working. Run ladies all he wants is your money so he can sit at home and Robin up for the long term. The saddest part about all of this is, he’s even isolated his children for this woman and her kids. #Janelleisaboss. #Merilovespunishment

    1. ISee he has been grooming the two daughters of Robin so he can push the old out and start out fresh and he treated Robin good so she would agree to give her daughters to him.

  8. I can’t believe TLC keeps this show on the air! Kody is a abuser to his wife’s and children. Robyn is a animal abuser. Shame on TLC for having a show that clearly shows how a man mentally abused his family. Robyn’s kids look like deer in headlights when the camera is on them and the other kids are seeing how he abuses their mother. TLC CANCEL THIS ABUSING MAN! BOYCOTT SISTER WIFES!!

    1. Nancy, you are so right! this man is an abuser and a sadistic character. He appears to love punishing his supposed “wives” and children when threy do not adhere to his self-serving plans. And TLC is enabling and glorifying his behavior by keeping this show on the air. He should not be on TV. but in court being sued for child support and fraud. Interesting that his first 3 marriages were only “spiritual unions”, while his marriage to Robyn was a legal one. As far as I am concerned, this was wholly intentional. He is scamming these women, and will continue to prey on them unless the show is cancelled. I support boycotting it until that happens.

      1. He was originally legally married to Meri and Janelle, Christine and Robyn were all “spiritual unions”. Then because Kody “needed” to adopt Robyn’s kids for whatever reason, Meri legally divorced Kody so that him and Robyn could have a legal marriage so that he could adopt her kids.

  9. Since he married robyn it’s all gone down hill for the other wives and children kidy spends all of his time focus on robyn and her kids and not spending any time with the others and it’s kody that has made all his other wives to feel like they are single also when you have children there are for life not until they are eighteen kody has brought everything on himself by his behaviour and how he treats people and takes advantage of them

  10. The sister wives need to
    watch” The Devil you know”
    Except Robyn……Looks like
    Kody and Robyn are running a scam on the other wives…
    This is why its not legal in most of the U.S.
    Run as fast as you can,get your
    money, for the future of the children.PLEASE WATCH THE
    DEVIL YOU KNOW!! your all in it!

  11. I think when Cody saw polygamy, he saw he could build a big huge empire of a family along with a lavish lifestyle because he would have more wives contributing, earning and building this empire. First meri came and they needed more kids and definitely more money. So I think he picked janelle because she was an earner and money maker and not a homemaker but then more little kids came and they really needed a homemaker and Christine filled that roll. Plus she had more children. Things worked as long as the women filled their roles. Meri was totally on board because she was the first wife and thought she would be second in command with Cody. Having power and control in and over the family but the other 2 wives weren’t going to obey either one. Then after all 3 ladies were done having kids, Cody married Robin. Remember he said after their marriage, he wanted more children but then he found that last marriage was a passionate romantic marriage. I really think the other 3 wives really thought when they were marrying Cody it was for romance and passion but for him, it was to build this huge empire of a family with a lot of kids, material items and family celebrations! That isn’t intimacy and romantic connections with your wives!
    Then when that happened with Robin, he started comparing Robin and their connection and her personality to each wife and he got angry, resentful and that turned to anger. First rule in plural marriage, never compare your wives! They are all individuals and YOU picked each one out for different reasons! You support each one and if you have an issue with your spouse, you first start looking at yourself and how you damaged it. Hurt it and can make things better. Inspire others if you want change and always begin with yourself!

  12. I myself did not get the feeling that goldy locks had been rejected by Janellle during their dinner at all!! I do remember her reminding him that HE was her best friend and HE is the one she wants to tell everything to and HE is her lover (gag) okay so how in the actual f is that Janelle rejecting him ? Lol

  13. Janelle I am soo sorry but I do not think he would protedt you !! He is spitting nails because you still value Christine an important human being in your life and rightfully you should!! She helped to raise your 6 children. Along with hers as you set out to be a career woman. No one gives christine any credit for the amazing job she did Without the help of a nanny !!!!! Kody seems put off by you and when you said he was your Bff , the one you want to tell everything too and your lover …oh girl I watched him cringe because he did not want fake tears Robyn to see that..leave his sorry ass

  14. i cant believe kody ask janelle about loyalty?..what does he know about loyalty?..hes married to 3 other wives?..well minus one now..she is better off ..but i cant believe how awful and blatent he is degrading his wives and expects to be treated like a queen and want respect? HE GIVES NONE!…HES SO ARROGANT AND RUDE ITS SAD AND PATHETIC..!..WHY WONT THESE WOMEN REALIZE WHAT THEIR MARRIAGES ARE TRULY about!..what keeps them there? łppbe damned i share any husband of mine with 3 others…this isnt even
    bout a polygamy family..too much drama and kody acting like an ass! hes a loser!!!!

  15. Agreed! Also think the reason Cody wants Janelle to buy it is to still try and swindle Christine out of the money.

  16. I’ve watched this show since day one. Cody lost interest in his wives and kids which is very apparent except for Robyn and her kids. He’s a control freak and wants his wives to be submissive. How these women can stay with a man that has no respect, love, or compassion for them is beyond me. And it seems they are supporting him. leave girls!

  17. U-tube channel “Without a Crystal ball’ covers Sisterwives and updates on the Dugger family, great u-tuber, verifies the info before posting

  18. I personally think Cody and Robin have planned this the whole time because why would she had to buy a $900,000 home when that money could have gone to pay off the property they could have built she should have rented I also think that he wants all these wives gone so he can have happy little life with a crying whiny baby because she does whatever he wants

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