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Janelle Brown ‘Spitting Mad’ As Kody Pushes Her Away

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Janelle Brown is reaching her breaking point with her husband Kody. He has been attempting to dictate how she should behave and live her life. However, Janelle is not going to bow down to him the way that he would like her to. She is a hard-working woman with her own thoughts and this is something he will just have to accept. Yet, could this spell trouble for the future of their marriage? Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown ‘Spitting Mad’ As Kody Pushes Her Away

Kody and Janelle have not seen eye to eye for some time now. During the pandemic, she actually told him not to come around for a while as she was not going to pause her children’s lives. Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn were obeying these stringent pandemic protocols that they had created. This would allow Kody to go over to each home in a safe manner, minus Meri’s. However, he did not believe that Janelle’s sons were being obedient enough as one was in college and the other had a job.

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She had enough of the way that he was behaving, even suggesting that she evict Gabe and Garrison from her home. When her rental was sold, rather than purchasing it, Janelle opted to buy an RV. She felt the money would best be served on Coyote Pass, the land they have had for four years now. Unfortunately, her permit is up and she needs to find a place for the winter, which she has in town. Kody is not happy that she has made all of these decisions without him. He has also suggested that she buy Christine’s house but she wants her own space.

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In the preview for next week, the couple, who wed in 1993, go out to dinner. Kody is heated as he says that they have not been acting like a married couple for most of their time together. Furthermore, he feels that she does not respect him the way that a wife should. It comes down to him wanting her to act as obedient as Robyn does and she just won’t do that. She notes that she will never be Robyn and this is essentially why he is pushing her away.

Same Problem With Christine

When Christine made the decision to officially leave Kody, she called out Robyn for being his favorite wife. More so, Janelle Brown followed suit and noted that there is a favorite. Kody has said that if Christine had treated Robyn better, things would have been different. Yet, Christine started to believe that it did not matter anymore, the damage was done. It is clear he does not want an assertive wife and that is why he will continue to clash with Janelle.

Do you think that Janelle has a right to be mad at Kody or should she just cut her losses and walk away? Is he worth the time or her dignity? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. its plainly obvious this one dude aint uite man enough to keep multiple women happy!.. i cant see his demanding respect when he is nothing to respect. not at allcapable as 1 man

  2. Kody is a pig. He’s not man enough to take care of those women. He’s a legend in his own mind. No one elses.

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