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Janelle Brown Complains She’s Trapped In Bureaucracy

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Janelle Brown is tired of feeling trapped. There is so much that she has wanted to do for so long. Unfortunately, the family decided a long time ago that they would all work together to make decisions. They never could have predicted how the family unit would shift. Now, with newfound independence and strength, Janelle is done living in a bureaucracy. Yet, how can she escape if she chooses to live in this plural family?

Janelle Brown Complains She’s Trapped In Bureaucracy

Last week on Sister Wives, Janelle noted that she can not wait for Kody to make decisions or to get things done. If she were to do that, it would never happen. Therefore, doing it on her own is the best bet. The problem is that the family started out very unified, at least when it came to the financial aspect. In the latest episode, how plural families divide up their money was discussed. Some wives live autonomously and the husband doles out allowances to each wife.

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The Browns chose to have their own set of family money. This particularly made sense when the original three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, lived in the single-family house in Lehi, Utah. Why not share resources if they are blended as one? Plus, Janelle was the main breadwinner along with Kody so the wives were not really bringing in their own incomes. Then, they escaped to Vegas and each wife had their own house. Eventually, the OG wives started their own careers and became quite successful and fiscally independent.

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In Flagstaff, they used family money to buy Robyn and Christine’s homes while Janelle floundered. She is desperate to move on to Coyote Pass but that has been four years in the making. Now, she is making decisions that are best for herself but it feels like everyone has to have their say. Kody wants her to buy Christine’s home as an investment but this is not what Janelle wants for herself at all.

Independent Women Bashing The Patriarchy

In an effort to reclaim his family and wives, Kody keeps trying to say he is the patriarch of his family. Janelle Brown has said, on multiple occasions, that she did not sign up for what he is prescribing. This idea that he is the king of his wives and they must obey him. She is firm on her beliefs and what she feels is best and right for her and her youngest daughter, Savanah. At this point, she feels it is unnecessary and unfair to have to run everything by her sister wives and Kody.

Do you think she should have to get approval from her family for every little thing? More so, can Janelle Brown break free without leaving the family? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. I think Janelle said it all when she told him to F—k off in the one of the family meetings. She took a stand then and has not stop. Good for her and she knows she doesn’t need Kody and his favorite wive to do anything, u go girl

  2. one by one Kody is getting rid of his wife’s and not taking responsibility for his part,he is blaming the wife. Robyn and Kody has been planning it for a long time. She is not a sweet as she acts. Kody is a scammer and she is right there with him. I just pray that the wife’s get what is theirs and putting them in their place. And for Mary loving someone is not the best way to go when Kody does not love you back

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