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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Goes Ham On Kody Like Never Before

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It’s clear to Sister Wives viewers that Kody and Janelle Brown aren’t really seeing eye to eye these days. But things may get a little worse before they ever get better — if they get better at all.

All season long, TLC has released teasers ahead of the new episodes on Sunday night. And it seems like Janelle and Kody are really going head-to-head in the new episode. In fact, it seems like Janelle will finally let Kody have it this week. What’s going to happen?

Janelle Brown really lets Kody have it in the new episode

Janelle Brown has a reputation for being more docile than her sister wives. She’s really just focused on her children and making ends meet. Her marriage with Kody has always seemed more like a business partnership rather than a romantic relationship. But even Janelle has her breaking point.

During the course of Season 17, Janelle expressed her desire to build on the Coyote Pass property. The Browns have lived in Flagstaff for a few years now and they still haven’t broken ground. Now that Christine moved back to Utah, things are a little more complicated. Kody wants Janelle to buy Christine’s old house and move out of the RV, but she isn’t interested.

Check out the clip from the upcoming episode and see why Janelle is completely over Kody:

Immediately, fans noticed a chance in Janelle. She’s finally standing up for herself and pushing back against Kody. She isn’t about to let him push her around any longer.

“I’ve never seen Janelle so angry as she is in this promo,” a Redditor captioned a recent thread. They attached a screenshot of Janelle looking absolutely livid.

Janelle Brown from Reddit, u/AnimalCrossing1985

“I really, really hope she has some money squirreled away. I can’t believe how she has worked for years and doesn’t have anything in her name while Robyn has been unemployed since marrying into the family and has a McMansion with her name on it,” another Redditor added.

Most fans feel that Janelle Brown has a right to be angry. Kody frequently uses family funds on Robyn’s needs. But when is it going to be Janelle’s turn to use family money?

Are you excited to see what Janelle has to say in the new episode? Let everyone know what you think in the comments.

Viewers are appalled at Kody’s bad behavior this season

Kody and Janelle are battling it out this week, which is new. However, Kody Brown has been pretty disagreeable all season long. He even got frustrated and walked out of Christine’s goodbye party. Fans really thought this move made him seem petty and small.

Tune into TLC this Sunday night at 10 PM and see what actually unfolds onscreen. You really won’t want to miss out on this episode.

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  1. Kody’s just mad that Christine left him instead of the other way around he’s so used to treat him like garbage he cannot believe she had the audacity to walk out on him I hope they all leave him except for Robin she deserve everything she gets

  2. I wish they would all leave that Loser, especially Janelle. I really like her. She seems so mellow and laid back. Let Kody, Robyn, and Meri have at it. Stop supporting that big mouth male. Let him support himself and Robyn. I knew she was trouble when she first came on the show. very sneaky.

  3. Janelle, Why don’t you get kody a Robyn audited by the tax man? Then you’ll know where the money is gone. You’ve been putting so much into that house, and you’re the only one working. Where’s the money gone where is your money? It’s your money. They’re living a lifestyle, and you can’t even get a little house built on the property. There’s something not gelling there, Janelle. It would be best if you looked into his finances ASAP. I bet you will kick up a stink cause he won’t want anyone looking at what you have been spending. Has she got a caravan now? Robyn saw one on the property. Where did that come from? You can’t. He’s got no money to build a house for you he want you to take it mortgage out To purchase your own house and I bet you his name will be there you need to hurry an leave at Cody‘s spending more money than you’re making please don’t give him any of your TLC money And I don’t trust Mary she’s sly I know I do not like her she’s a dirty player she’s just like Cody and Robyn there I have my say enough an said it

  4. My opinion is that a man cannot attend to the needs of 4 wives and 18 children. Someone is bound to be neglected emotionally or physically or both. In the attempt there must be patience, forgiveness, empathy and love for all. Kody doesn’t have these qualities especially the ability to forgive.

  5. Kody is such abuser he acts like he’s a god and Robin acts like she’s so smug she needs to see how he’s treating everyone else because once there gone it’s her turn to be treated bad

  6. I am so glad that Christine left him who does he think he is honestly I know what he is but he thinks he’s a God or something I couldn’t live with him for a second and GO JANELLE I’m so glad she’s giving it right back to him that’s what they all should’ve done a long time ago what gets me is he tells Christine no more intimacy between him and her and then she finally leaves him and he’s pissed it’s like I don’t want u but I don’t want u leaving or with anyone else lol what’s this guy been smokin honestly then him and Meri haven’t been intimate in 10 year’s and she’s still there and then we have little mousey Robyn I have to say she is just completely clueless period lol and those faces that she makes I would have to laugh if Christine or Janelle would grab a hold of her I’m sorry if I offend anyone but there’s just something about her and has been from get go I just hope they all leave him and let Robyn have bc those two deserve each other she’s a cry baby and he’s a screamer there both CRAZY LOL GOOD LUCK GET HIM JANELLE lol

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