‘Sister Wives’: Christine Outs Kody’s ‘Favorite’ Wife

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Season 17 of Sister Wives premiered today. Of course, it revolved around Kody trying to comprehend why Christine removed all his belongings from her home. She had her reasons but it just was not enough for him to stop pushing. He wanted to keep pushing and trying until the very end. However, in the midst of it all, Christine openly said fans have alleged for years. That Kody has a favorite wife and this has been causing problems for a very long time. So, who is it? Read on to see if you accurately guessed correctly.

A He Said/She Said Sister Wives Conversation

The conversation between Christine and Kody has been circulating for a little while now. It was all about Christine expressing why the marriage could no longer work. However, Kody just did not see things her way and maintained that a lot of the problems were brought on by his third wife. In his mind, he withdrew intimacy and lost his attraction to her due to the way she treated her sister wives. He believed that she wanted more than the other wives. Plus, he claims he never withdrew intimacy but Christine disputes this. She just wanted her and her family to have equal treatment.

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Kody goes on to note that she never mothered Robyn’s kids the way that she mothered Janelle’s. That is when Christine admits, in her confessional, that Kody has a favorite wife. She has really nothing more to add but she knows that this is probably why the breakdown happened. Furthermore, she notes she probably did not treat this favorite well enough and that only added to the problems. Though she never comes out and says a name, it is fairly obvious who this favorite is.

The Big Reveal

Kody realizes that there is no way to keep Christine in the family. She also has decided to move to Utah where more of her kids are which has broken his heart. Yet Kody does note that he and Christine did have a better relationship than he has had with Meri. To Christine, this is pathetic. She would never want a marriage like his and Meri’s. A big part of a loving marriage for Christine is intimacy and Meri and Kody have not been intimate in over a decade.

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She would have much preferred that he compared their marriage to him and Robyn because at least that one is functional and has love. Back in her confessional, Christine shares that she knows Robyn is more important than she is. It has always been that way and she has always been the third wheel in the relationship. Finally, it is openly acknowledged that Robyn is not only the favorite but also contributed to the demise of Kody and Christine. Christine was not the perfect sister wife to Robyn, that was a big faux pas thus creating too many issues.

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  1. It has been so obvious that kodys favorite wife is Robyn and she fosters that relationship to her advantage. I can barely stand watching Robyn whine and cry as she acts like she cares about her sister wives when she is so selfish that I am amazed the other wives stay. Kody and Robyn owe the rest of the wives an apology for their manipulation, selfishness, and BS as they self-serve themselves. They are not to be trusted or respected. Run, Christine, run.

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