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Janelle Brown Blasts Her ‘Broken Record’ Husband Kody

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As Sister Wives Season 17 continues, fans are witnessing Janelle Brown’s evolution. When the season began, she was quietly supporting Christine’s decision to leave the family. Now that Christine is gone, Kody seems to be taking out a lot of his rage and frustration on Janelle.

At this point, Janelle is absolutely tired of her husband’s abusive behavior. He goes on and on about demanding loyalty from his wives. And in the new clip, Janelle says Kody is starting to sound like a broken record.

Janelle Brown isn’t willing to submit to Kody’s selfish demands

Every family has its issues. However, it seems like trouble started boiling in the Brown household when the COVID-19 lockdowns took place. Janelle has always been more passive than the other wives, but put her foot down when Kody tried to make her kick out her sons.

She wasn’t willing to cave and submit to Kody’s will. And now he’s clearly punishing her for it.

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

“A sneak peek at tomorrows episode. & IMHO… Kody deserves a throat punch,” one Redditor shared. They uploaded the latest teaser TLC released.

Check it out here:

Most other Sister Wives fans agreed that Kody Brown has really overstepped here. Janelle has always been the calm one among the wives, but it’s clear Kody is pushing her to her breaking point.

“Wow. So he abandons her, leaves her to f**k off alone and then complains that she’s been ‘living like a single woman.’ That’s an amazing one two punch of gaslighting beyond what we’ve ever seen on reality tv,” another Redditor added in the comments.

“I would pay to see you slap him. It would be the best moment and worthy of whatever you charged me 😂” another added.

In general, most of the Redditors in the thread agreed Kody treated Janelle terribly during this exchange. At this point, Sister Wives fans would be shocked if Janelle ended up staying with him after all.

Is Kody trying to force his wives out of the family?

Recently, other Sister Wives fans suspected that Kody might actually be trying to push his remaining wives away. It’s clear he only has feelings for Robyn and only wants to be with her. Many speculate that he treats his wives so badly because he hopes they will just leave him. Sister Wives fans feel pretty certain that Janelle does eventually leave, even though the family hasn’t confirmed it yet. But Meri seems intent on sticking around until the very end.

No matter what’s going on in Kody’s head, fans are really growing tired of his outrageous and abusive behavior.

Don’t forget to catch the latest Sister Wives episode tonight at 10 PM eastern time on TLC. There will be more news and updates coming soon!

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  1. Why don’t he just make it easy on everyone and say that he wants to be with #4, let me guess he don’t want to lose his TLC money so he keep playing this game with his family…

  2. Wow! Way to give people a trigger. As someone who has been abused I take Kody’s whole attitude with Christine ,Janelle, and Meri personal. He may not know how he’s treating them also effects the kids. I think that Kody should have just stayed with one wife then he wouldn’t have all these headaches. Which he brings on himself by thinking that he is better than everyone else in the family.

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