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Will Janelle Brown Reach Her Breaking Point With Kody?

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Janelle Brown has struggled with Kody for some time now. It seems like the couple is truly coming to a head in the upcoming episode, airing Sunday, December 4th. Kody maintains that they have never really acted like a married couple. At the same time, Janelle feels that she has gotten the short end of the stick. More so, she acknowledges that he will never be his favorite wife, Robyn. Now, the biggest question is if Janelle will reach her breaking point with Kody or if she will keep going along with this poor treatment.

Will Janelle Brown Reach Her Breaking Point With Kody?

In recent episodes of Sister Wives, Janelle has continued to assert herself. She has been making decisions based on what is best for her and her daughter, Savanah. Furthermore, she wants to finally build a home on Coyote Pass as she wants something that she actually owns. Out of all of the wives, she is the only one who has yet to have a piece of property in her name. Both Christine and Robyn own(ed) their homes while Meri owns her B&B.

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Janelle is desperate to have a legacy for her children. However, fans are ready for Janelle to reach her breaking point. Only then do they believe she will finally leave the loveless marriage she has been in. A Reddit thread was started to discuss the situation and this is what they had to say. “Ok so I cannot wait for Janelle to leave. I think she will leave soon or already has. While Christine left to maintain relationships since she still has truely, I think Janelle will leave only when she reaches a complete breaking point,” the thread started.

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It went on to say once she gets to the bottom of the finances, then she will feel vindicated. Janelle seems to have all of the knowledge about how much is in the family fund. Plus, she actually has an understanding of money management. Her biggest snafu was trusting that they would be building and not buying something concrete for herself.

All About The Money

Redditors desperately want Janelle Brown to expose the family since she knows where the bodies are buried, so to speak. “I’m here for janelle giving the receipts and I am definitely f**king here for forensic accountant janelle with a lawyer on speed dial,” one noted. Another added: “I’m hoping Janelle will get back all her money ND Christine s and leaves kody and without $$$.” Ultimately, viewers are confused as to why Meri and Janelle helped Robyn and Kody so much. Yet, the Coyote Pass land remains unpaid.

What will it take for Janelle to finally smarten up and exit the toxic relationship? Maybe she already has but is just staying for the paycheck? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I seen Robyn as the Devil from the get-go. I knew she was going to break up the “family” the second Meri brought her in. She has continually found ways to tie up Cody (keep him from other “wives”) She’s the only one that has 3 capable teenagers to help her yet still needs a nanny! Did Janelle or Christine ever have nannies for their 10+/- children? NO! and Janelle has always brought in the money!!
    I think Janelle should be like Meri & continue to live her life the way she wants and stay to get the ‘piece of the pie”, why should they hand it all over to Robbing Robyn? Stay Janelle don’t give the Devil her way!
    And Robyn now has covid & doesn’t know how after being so careful?? umm the nanny? Didn’t she have it?
    Cody is so full of himself. he’s now arguing over a snowblower? Girls wake up and take it all!!! Let Cody & Robyn start from scratch! TLC CANCEL THE SHOW!!!

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