‘SW’ Fans Disgusted As Janelle Brown Works Hard & Has Nothing

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Most Sister Wives fans agree that Janelle Brown works harder than most of the other adults in her family. Even when the show premiered back in 2010, Janelle worked full-time to help provide for the family.

Season 17 takes place in 2021 and Janelle has admitted that she’s contributed more to the family than the family has given back to her. And she’s definitely ready for a change. Will this be what motivates the TLC personality to finally leave Kody Brown too? Fans think Janelle may be out the door, hot on Christine’s heels.

Janelle Brown is at odds with the rest of the family over finances

Janelle has always been one of the big breadwinners in the Brown family. However, this season it seems like something has really clicked with the TLC star. She’s starting to realize that the family never seems to throw any money her way. Instead, they save it all for Robyn and her children.

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball did a deep dive into the situation this week. She highlighted clips from the season where Janelle comes to the realization that she has nothing and all her hard work goes to benefit Kody and Robyn. Check out her video here:

Over on Reddit, Sister Wives viewers have definitely taken note of the situation too.

“Really great point someone made. Most of that ‘family money’ seems like has always been Janelles money. Kody never could keep a job. It’s a shame she has no assets to show for it while Robyn reaps the benefits,” the OP wrote, sharing a screenshot of someone else’s comment.

The post they shared reads, “[Janelle] has worked all her life, contributing a bulk amount of money to the post. It’s disgusting that she has nothing to show for it. [Robyn] has contributed nothing financially and got that huge house. Sell that to pay off the land.”

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC

Many other Redditors said they agreed with the OP and the screenshot. They felt like Robyn really had depleted the family funds and that Janelle had a right to be angry. As YouTube Katie Joy even pointed out, the TLC star is in a scary situation. Janelle doesn’t have any assets of her own and has backed herself into a corner here.

Kody Brown’s second wife may be preparing to leave the family for good

If Janelle Brown actually leaves the family, few fans would be surprised at this point. Kody doesn’t treat her well and the financial situation has put Janelle in a really difficult situation. Hardly anyone would want to be in her shoes.

The newest episode of Sister Wives Season 17 will be out this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time on TLC. Don’t forget to check in and see what Janelle Brown is up to. Will she finally leave Kody for good? Viewers will find out in time.

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