Janelle Brown Says It’s Her Turn To Use Family Money

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Many Sister Wives viewers don’t believe that Janelle Brown is treated well by her family. Season after season, they’ve watched her work hard and financially contribute to the family. However, the family doesn’t seem interested in supporting her in return.

Onscreen, fans are watching Janelle Brown have a realization of her own. She’s sick of watching the family money going to support Robyn’s family. At this point in the season, Janelle has moved out onto the Coyote Pass property in an RV because she couldn’t find any other housing setups. And she’s really had enough of the mistreatment.

Janelle Brown says it’s her time to use some of the family money and she’s waited patiently long enough.

Kody and Robyn hogged all the money and left nothing for Janelle Brown

Gwendlyn Brown seemingly leaked that Janelle Brown has now left the family too. However, TLC seems determined to keep that under wraps. For now, the network seems content to highlight the mounting tension between Janelle and the rest of the family members.

It doesn’t matter how hard she works — she has nothing left for herself or her own children.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC

The Sister Wives Reddit page is always well and alive with opinions from fans. And they definitely had something to say about this situation.

“Really great point someone made. Most of that ‘family money’ seems like has always been Janelles money. Kody never could keep a job. It’s a shame she has no assets to show for it while Robyn reaps the benefits,” the original Redditor wrote, adding a screenshot of another comment.

The screenshot reads, “[Janelle] has worked all her life, contributing a bulk amount of money to the post. It’s disgusting that she has nothing to show for it. [Robyn] has contributed nothing financially and got that huge house. Sell that to pay off the land.”

Janelle Brown from Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

“Her LV house equity went to the mansion. That is in K&R name. Janelle chose to be selfless giving to them and rent in Flagstaff, instead. She didn’t use that equity for herself in flagstaff, like Christine,” another Redditor pointed out. “The way she delivered that line looking into the camera ‘I have nothing to leave to my kids.’ She’s getting it now. She goofed. Major mistake. I sure understood after that talking head. 💔”

In a nutshell, Janelle is realizing that Kody and the other adults won’t lift a finger to help her. At this point, Sister Wives viewers wouldn’t be surprised at all if the rumors turned out to be true. Janelle would be much better off without Kody.

The onscreen drama continues

Sister Wives will be back with a brand new episode this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Janelle just seems to be discovering what a bad situation Kody has forced her into. Will she break free anytime soon?

Keep checking back for more on the Brown family and more TLC news.

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