‘Sister Wives’ Fans Call For Using Gwendlyn For A Tell-All

Gwendlyn Brown and Christine Brown from Instagram

Now that Sister Wives Season 17 is well underway, many fans suspect that a tell-all will surely come at the end of the season. However, there’s one family member that has already been spilling the family’s secrets on her own.

Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn is an adult now and has a life of her own. And she’s incredibly sick of the narrative her father has been spinning onscreen. Gwen recently announced she’s launching her own Patreon to dish on family secrets with fans. And now, many fans would love to see her be part of the Season 17 tell-all if it hasn’t been filmed yet.

Sister Wives fans eagerly away the dramatic tell-all episode

Every year, Sister Wives fans really look forward to the dramatic tell-alls that generally come at the end of the season. Viewers really want to know all the sordid details and what the family really thinks about one another.

It’s not yet known if TLC already filmed the tell-all this year, but fans have a special request if they haven’t yet.

Gwendlyn Brown from Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

“Do we know if the tell all has already been filmed?” one Redditor asked online recently. “Because if not TLC has a LOT of material based off of Gwendlyn’s questionnaire post 😂 Curious to see if they’ll address her Patreon on air or not.”

There aren’t many comments on the thread yet, but a few fans expressed curiosity about Gwendlyn’s Patreon.

“Maybe next year? They’re about 15 months behind,” another Redditor pointed out, unsure of when TLC actually films the tell-all.

Would you like to see Gwendlyn Brown included in a Sister Wives tell-all? Why or why not? Whatever you think, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

Gwendlyn Brown is not a big fan of Robyn

Over the years, many Sister Wives viewers have grown to appreciate Gwendlyn. She was just a little girl when the show began, but she’s in her early 20s now and has a lot of opinions of her own. And she’s really not a Robyn fan.

Redditors recently shared a screenshot where Gwendlyn admitted that she really didn’t care for her dad’s fourth wife.

Gwendlyn Brown from Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

“Hi! You mentioned in one of the replies you don’t like Robyn. Curious to know why?” one fan asked the Sister Wives star.

“is there an all of the above option?” Gwendlyn answered. “lol I don’t like to trash talk people but she’s worse in person

Most viewers suspected that Robyn Brown probably was pretty mean when the cameras stopped rolling, but not many suspected that she could be worse in person.

Sister Wives will be back with a new episode this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to tune in and see what Kody and his wives are up to next.

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