Big Clue Janelle Brown Planned Her ‘Kody’ Escape Way Ahead

Janelle Brown - Kody Brown Youtube

Sister Wives fans are convinced Janelle and Kody Brown are no longer together. In fact, fans believe she’s slipped up twice recently on the show confirming that fact. Moreover, fans also believe Gwendlyn Brown and her best friend confirmed Janelle and Kody were no longer together during a live stream recently. What did Janelle say recently that only further supports the split theory?

Janelle Brown uses past tense

During last week’s episode of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown admitted that she really didn’t recognize Kody these days. At one point in time, Janelle said to the camera this patriarchal version of Kody that stood before her wasn’t the man that she married years ago. On both Reddit and Facebook fans of the TLC series got hung up on the fact that Janelle used the word “was” to refer to her marriage with Kody. Fans noted it was an odd word choice unless she no longer considered herself to be married to Kody Brown.

Janelle Brown Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

Slips up again and suggests she has left Kody Brown

During a recent episode, Janelle Brown also slipped up in something she said suggesting that she’d already left Kody. Eagle-eyed fans pointed out it was the way she tried to correct what she said that got their attention.

The fan pointed out in a thread on Reddit, “You can’t tell me this wasn’t a slip up! “If I were to leave— er um I MEAN IF I WANTED TO LEAVE!” She wants out but has to bide her time cuz they screwed her over!”

Other fans agreed that if Janelle had left what she said alone saying “if I were to leave” wasn’t that weird of a statement. It was the fact that she went back to try to clarify that she didn’t actually want to leave Kody that made the whole statement stand out to fans.

Kody Brown - Janelle Brown Youtube
Kody Brown – Janelle Brown Youtube

Janelle Brown and Christine spend more time together than ever

The other real reason fans believe Janelle Brown has left Kody is because of how much time she spends with Christine. Fans love how close Janelle and Christine are. But, they question how awkward the friendship must be for Christine if Janelle is still in a relationship with Kody. Fans suspected Janelle likely saw how happy leaving Kody made Christine. So, she decided to do the same thing.

Where do you think things stand between Janelle and Kody Brown? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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  1. I believe that there is only one sister wife left , Robin and I think that was the plan from the beginning, however we’re they share accounts the 2 of them are responsible for all they took and where they used the money and I would file a fraud case against Robin and Cody for misuse of funds, and I truly hope the 3 sister wife’s, help each other they really are going through the same thing and Merri has gotten the worst of all of it, they shamed her, took everything thing she had with them and yet Meri is the one that really loved him. stay strong there are great men out there and all 3 3 of you deserve so much Better

    1. What gets me is, Meri gave Cody a divorce out of love for Robin and her children so Cody could adopt her (Robin’s) children. The decent thing to do would have been after a decent amount of time…divorce Robin and remarry Meri, after all, she was his first wife. He always favored Robin over all the other wives. I don’t know why it took Christine so long to leave. I wouldn’t live in a loveless marriage either. Cody loves him self more than anything. Meri acts all mad at Christine for leaving but I think deep down she wishes she were leaving too. She did reach out to someone she thought to be another man, and would have continued that relationship if the woman was really the man he claimed to be…..leave his you know what!!!!

      1. I totally agree about Meri why is she so mad with Christine for wanting to find happiness ? She 100% would have done the same if the catfishing scheme had turned out differently. She has such visible anger towards her yet she almost left Kody herself. It’s to bad she sticks by Kody who obviously will never change his mind about their relationship. I think she stays because of the backlash she got from Leon during the catfishing scheme. Live and let live. Kody has always proclaimed they can leave if they aren’t happy and that is exactly what Christine did and good for her for knowing and believing in her worth.

  2. Kody is such a user. He has all the wives put their earnings into one pot. The pot that Robin and Kody use as they wish. Really convenient for them. That pot should be divided equally between the doners when one leaves. Kody is losing his big money makers, must really kill him. Robin’s life style will really change when these women leave.
    Robin does nothing but whine and cry. Sooo sick of her. Hope they do a spin off on the lives of wives who leave. I love Christine and Janelle. Meri seems to be brain dead.

  3. Kody is a user and an abuser. if he spoke to me like he talked to Christine and Janelle I would NOT sit and put up with him. He wants to share custody of Christine’s youngest child so he doesn’t have to pay child support. He has always said that he doesn’t ever take care of the kids because he is the head of the family. I believe he has his ends mixed up. He isn’t the head, he is the butt hole of the family. people don’t get any lower or nastier than Kody Brown.

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