Janelle Brown Confesses Why She Stays With Kody

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Janelle Brown finally confessed why she stays with Kody. Viewers have long wondered why an independent woman life herself would stay in such a bad situation. There is no real love aside from a close friendship and even that teeters at times. He certainly has not been the most supportive husband to Janelle during the pandemic. Though he said he would be there if she got sick, this proved to be a lie. Now, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, Janelle breaks down why she has stuck around.

Janelle Brown Confesses Why She Stays With Kody

Right now, Janelle is in a tough predicament. She does not own anything outright. When Christine purchased her home in Flagstaff, it was in her name. Though family money was used, she was able to sell it and keep the money because her name was the only one listed. As for Robyn’s home, both she and Kody are on the title. Meri is renting so that does not matter. However, she does own her B&B so she does have that asset. Yet, Janelle feels that she has nothing to leave for her children.

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When she moved to Flagstaff, the money from her Las Vegas home went right into the family fund. Now, she is so eager to build on Coyote Pass so that she can have something that is hers. All she has, as of now, is the RV. Therefore, it seems that the sole reason she stays in the family is that she fears for her kids. She wants to ensure that they will have something in the long run. Unfortunately, right now, there is nothing stable for them and that makes it really hard.

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Janelle Brown may not be looking at the big picture. It was easier for Christine to leave when she did because she only had one small child left. All of her other five were either married, graduated, or in college. Her last one at home, aside from Truely, was Ysabel and she was leaving for college in North Carolina when Christine was moving. So the timing was perfect. Janelle has just one bird left in the nest, Savanah, who will graduate high school next year.

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After that, she may see things differently. She is highly successful with her businesses and fans really like her a lot. Therefore, moving on, with the confidence that Christine had, may be easier in the near future. Her adult children are doing amazingly well for themselves so mama Janelle really has nothing to worry about in that sense.

Do you think Janelle Brown’s reasons for staying with Kody are valid? Or should she just branch out on her own? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I don’t think Dayton has been seen very much at all while on the show so maybe the camera’s/cameramen trigger some kind of reaction from him. What is the problem with Robyn’s large neck, she looks like she had a problem with her thyroid gland?? Also her eyebrows look very unusual???

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