Janelle Brown Predicted Kody Abandoning Everyone For Robyn?

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Janelle Brown is about at the end of her rope with Kody. All season long, he’s treated her poorly and tried to force her into financial situations that just don’t make sense. Many Sister Wives viewers think Kody might be trying to force some of his wives out of the picture so he can focus on Robyn.

No one can say what’s really going on in Kody’s head, but many wouldn’t put this behavior past him. To make matters worse, it seems like Janelle predicted a move like this a long time ago.

Janelle Brown knew that Kody would start to favor Robyn

Kody Brown continuously claims that he doesn’t have a favorite wife. But Sister Wives fans beg to differ. Even Kody’s other wives knew he favored Robyn.

The sad part is that Janelle noticed he favored her a long time ago and knew the situation was only going to escalate and get worse.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC

“Janelle saw this coming from a mile away,” the OP wrote on Reddit recently. “Kotex was already showing Snobyn favoritism.”

They uploaded a clip from the arc where Kody and Meri legally divorce so he can marry Robyn and adopt her children. In the clip, Janelle expresses concern and says she worries it’s opening the door to Kody favoring Robyn. That entire storyline happened several years ago, but other Redditors agreed that Janelle was right here. This was the beginning of the end for many of Kody’s marriages.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

“What’s really telling here is him finishing her sentence for her instead of listening to what she is saying,” another Redditor added. “And what he finishes her statement with is a strawman. She was not worried that he would ‘ride off into the sunset’ with Robyn. She was worried about exactly what has happened–that he would favor her and it would affect everyone else in the family.”

Other Redditors offered their sympathies for Janelle. These users have their fingers crossed that she will get fed up and leave as well.

Kody Brown might be pushing his second wife right out the door

If Kody Brown saw the clip the Redditor uploaded, he may very well try to excuse his behavior. On another thread, fans noticed that Kody Brown tends to rewrite history to suit his personal narrative.

On top of that, he often gaslights and manipulates his wives. And when they push back, he tends to punish them and withhold love and affection. Right now, Janelle and Kody are arguing about property and money. Fans know this isn’t going to end well, but they hope the situation gives Janelle the push she needs to finally leave.

There will be a new episode of Sister Wives this Sunday night on TLC at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to stay tuned and see what’s going on in the Brown household this week.

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  1. Janelle, squeeze every last bit you can out of Cody you deserve way more than any of them! Janelle has always been my favorite because she is a strong independent woman, made sure her children were taken care of. She questions and looks into the finances, although often overruled by the other wives & Cody she still questioned. Janelle is too kindhearted and because she doesn’t like to argue is/has always been given the shitty end of the stick! Tell her to ride it until the wheels fall off & then ride it some more until she can comfortably retire & travel.

    Never give the devil a ride, he’ll want to take over the driving. OOPS! Too late she (Robyn) already did!

  2. I am so happy that Christine left, and now Janele run for the hills. Robyn seems to think she is the top dog, but is she is smart she will run away from this man.

  3. I think Robin is after all the money Cody has. Even though a few other wives help earn their money. She won’t stop acting like his most loving wife till she has it all then she will drop Cody off for his exes to feed him. lol

  4. Meri was a fool for giving up marital status
    For Robin. Now Meri is really bigger fool for staying with a man that does not care about her. Robin was a backstabber. Why is she not working? Why does she need a nanny when none of the others had one.
    Wake up ladies, you opened yourselves up for this by not having a legal leg to stand on. Leave this pig of a man and get full independence. And as for Robin, I hope Kody leaves you too for a younger woman,
    It’s coming!!!! Karma

  5. Robyn acts like and is an entitled brat.
    she is a goat, wants it first and every other people suffer.
    It is time for Janelle to pack up and leave. Kody continues to show that his only concern is Robyn
    Building nearly a $million$ home when Kody could of easily build 2 homes instead.
    Meri basically has left him. Christine has left him. Wouldn’t doubt if Janele will leave him.
    This is something he deserves.

  6. A friend said, ” maybe the nanny will be the next young wife”. Of course he would need to divorce Robyn for the new wife😁

  7. Robin always crying. Cody is trannsgender because he is a pussy. idiot get job support your 18 kids and adopted ones. what a Clown

  8. Janelle needs to follow Christine’s footsteps. Stop giving this man any money what so ever. What you earn should be solely in your own bank account. Leave this piece of crap of a man and let sobbing Robin have him. You are way too good for him and so are your children.I’m so glad Christine got smart and left. Robin had this planned all along. When he divorced Meri.

  9. It was quite obvious from the beginning that he favored Robyn. It got worse after they married. When he divorced Meri to marry Robyn in order to adopt her children, he could have divorced Robyn a few years later and remarried Meri. Does Robyn work that she needs a Nanny for her children ? They are not that young that the older siblings can’t help. I think Kody is trying to.get rid of everyone so he can stay with Robyn, like he has been doing. He already told Meri she should stay at her B&B and now he is pushing Janelle out the door. That’s God she’s actually a strong, independent woman and holds her ground. That is something Kody doesn’t like !!!

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