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‘Sister Wives:’ Robyn Brown Stole Something Else From Meri

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Sister Wives fans realized recently that Robyn Brown stole something more from Meri than just the title of Kody Brown’s legal wife. While it is no secret that Robyn isn’t exactly a fan favorite, this recent discovery has fans realizing there wasn’t anything Robyn wasn’t willing to take away from Meri and Kody’s other wives.

With this new discovery, Sister Wives fans realized Robyn Brown stole something from Meri for no reason merely to stab a knife in her already wounded heart. What was it that Robyn stole? Keep reading for the details.

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Sister Wives: Robyn Brown stole something else from Meri

According to chatter on Reddit, Meri Brown held the honor of prepping the turkey for Thanksgiving because she was Kody Brown’s first wife. It was a special tradition. A responsibility of Kody Brown’s first wife. And, it was something she did for years. It was a gift Meri was able to give during the holidays as the first wife of this large family.

One fan questioned: “Wasn’t Meri the wife who, traditionally, had prepared the turkey? Why did Robyn need to take that from her? Hasn’t she taken enough?”

“That’s my take too. Why couldn’t Meri just keep cooking the turkey. Let her do one thing fir the family besides give her $$$,” a second fan chimed in agreeing.

Another fan pointed out that Meri Brown was also the designated family member who took pictures at family functions. This, however, was also ripped away from her by Robyn Brown.

The fan explained: “I think Meri was also the family picture taker at holidays and events until Robyn bought some massive camera and took that job too.”

One fan exclaimed that Robyn Brown didn’t like being the “relish tray wife” and believed she could do everything better than anyone else.

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Their relationship baffles fans

Sister Wives fans have a hard time wrapping their minds around why Meri has a friendship with Robyn Brown. After all, Robyn is the reason Kody legally divorced Meri. Some fans, however, think Meri Brown is secretly grateful that Robyn broke her legal connection to Kody because she isn’t that into him anymore. There are even some fans who think Meri might actually be romantically interested in Robyn.

How do you feel knowing there wasn’t anything Robyn wasn’t willing to take from Meri? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. Sister Wives: Meri has such low self esteem that she will give and take whatever the situation so she can be around Kody. All this pretentious talk of taking trips, etc. is a bunch of crap. What Meri needs to do is get down on her knees and pray to God for he is the only one that truly loves her. But, in doing this God may place the right mortal in her life and show her Kody is the devil in disguise.

    1. Just to remind everyone Cody didn’t divorce Meri . Meri divorced him so he could legally Mary Robin to adopt her kids legally. My opinion only!! but I think Meri has made more sacrifices than anyone else other than Christine.

  2. I see it as a way of Robyn phasing Meri out. The more she takes over Meri’s previous activities, the quicker she can get rid of her biggest competition. Meri has made it clear that she’s in the marriage for the long haul and Robyn is systematically phasing her out. Robyn and Kody deserve each other and the other wives need to get on with their lives.

  3. I think they should all leave him but Robbin!! Leave him holding the bag!! Get as much money as you can & hit the road!! Don’t you all get paid separately?? You were all crazy not too!! Y’all are wasting years you’ll never get back!! He doesn’t love anyone but Robyn!! Whom I loath!!

  4. meri please know kody is in love with only one member of your family and that is himself. he shows his true colors more and more. robyn is the same. it is heartbreaking you can’t or won’t see them as they are. inpray for you

  5. Meri don’t know who to trust anymore sister wife’s give this show a worse option ever people had more than one wife in the bible but sisters love each other and they are so twisted in the middle that Meri don’t know which way to go so she is just grabbing for short straws she is a very smart woman and she will figure it out!!! Just wait and see!!!

    1. Meri is very smart and beautiful, Kodi doesn’t want any of them just the money they bring to the table to support him and Robin. TLC needs a new show called Sister wives moving on. Exclude
      kodi and Robin

  6. Robin and Kody deserve each other. They’re both in it for themselves. If they were true to their family unit they would tell the other sister wives there is no love for them anymore. To go and be happy and make a life for themselves.

  7. I used to love watching the show when it first came out. I knew after seeing Robyn there was going to be jealousy and problems. When Meri divorced him so Robyn’s kids could be adopted I also knew this wasn’t going to go over with the other wives down the road. Robyn was very humble at the beginning and Kody started changing for the worst. I can’t stand him now and Robyn is absolutely sickening to watch. For the other wives they deserve happiness and I’m glad they moved on.

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