Kody Brown and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Janelle & Kody Brown Lock Horns Over Money & Property

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Kody Brown believes he’s in the roughest season of his life as Season 17 continues. Christine moved back to Utah and he’s still butting heads with Janelle over the RV situation. She’s determined to live on their Coyote Pass property in an RV until they finish building the homes. However, Kody hates the RV and wishes Janelle never bought it in the first place. He continuously belittles her for buying it and says he would rather stay at Robyn’s house.

But of course, Kody thinks he has a solution to Janelle’s housing situation. He encourages her to buy Christine’s house. There’s just one problem — Janelle doesn’t have the financial resources to do that and Kody isn’t about to let her have any of the family money. On top of that, Janelle doesn’t want Christine’s old house. She just really wants to break ground on the Coyote Pass property.

Will the Browns be able to figure out this situation?

Janelle and Kody Brown are arguing like they never have before

Janelle has a reputation for being the more docile of the wives. She is pretty content with life overall and rarely makes a fuss about anything. But Kody is putting her in an unwinnable situation.

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

A new clip reveals that Janelle is about to let Kody have it. She’s absolutely fed up with his bossy attitude and wants to do things her way. Many fans are really surprised that Janelle is finally standing up to Kody — although they do admit it’s about time she put her foot down.

“I can’t afford both house mortgages. I can’t buy this house and in any shape or form, finance another house, even if it’s small. I just can’t,” Janelle says in the clip, completely exasperated. But on the other side of things, Kody thinks that his second wife just isn’t trying hard enough. In fact, he even blames her for digging her own financial pit by buying the RV.

Check out the latest clip from Season 17 here:

Do you think the tensions in the Brown household are reaching a boiling point? Leave your own thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

Did Janelle actually leave the family too?

Financial issues are bound to come up when a family is as large as the Brown family. However, most fans believe that Kody Brown isn’t making the situation any easier, either. There’s mounting evidence to suggest that Janelle followed in Christine’s footsteps and left Kody.

However, since there’s such a significant time gap between the events of the show and real life, fans may not have concrete answers for a while. Until then, they can keep watching and see the drama unfold onscreen.

The new episode of Sister Wives will be out this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to tune in!

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  1. I think Kodyan is self absorbed and down right mean. He wants his cake and eat it too. polygamy isn’t allowed in Us. He does not work lives off his wives. Ignores his kids and survives by making himself look bad on TV
    Robin wants to act like a saint. She seemingly would be happy for allotjer wives to disappear
    I say to Mary Christine and Jamelle Kody is no prize of if a husband. Nor father. He does not have enough time to spend witj any of his kids. He and Robin just need to move away by themselves and let the other women live in peace.

    1. Kody has failed as a husband and father. He has to deal with 4 different emotions, desires and needs with his wives. How exhausting is that. Christine did the right thing by leaving. Why Mary is still there is mind boggling to me. He has no emotional or romantic feelings for her. I would think that she would want someone to love her. When all the kids have left at the end of day they are going to be standing alone.

    2. I hope these other lady get out of that situation to because he is showing his true color. I hope the other two get out too. He is just been a big D*** He been so ugly to Christine. You see what he’s doing now he doing it to you.. Get out Jennell and go be Happy like Christine .As we you can do bad by yourself

  2. I agree! He is just mad Christine left him! He wanted to be in control of her like he is with Meri. Let Robyn have him, and the others move on to happier lives!

  3. I would expect selfish Kody to act out toward his wives and children. Janelle is level headed and has been his biggest source of income over the years with most of the financial responsibilities amongst the entire family. she has been a career worker and has contributed a great deal to the family. Janelle deserves to get whatever she needs. It is not her fault that they are all in this situation. Kody and Robyn do not need a mansion to live in. that’s ludicrous. As far as Janelle buying the RV, IT WAS actually prudent ON HER PART TO purchase IT. Janelle was making the best of getting out on the property and setting up with LESS overhead. Give her the money! The family can afford it with what they are earning from the show. Kody wants what HE wants when HE wants it. Tired of him leaving these family members blowing in the wind because he wants to play little tin God. What an ego he has.

    1. This is why polygamy does not work. Some egocentric men feel it strokes their egis with power and control they can Lord over women and kids. They do not want a family. They want possessions to control. one man, one women and their children. period. You cannot be an involved loving Father and Husband to more. It’s impossible.

  4. I don’t feel Robyn is the sweet thing she tries to make others believe she is! I can’t stand Kody, I see him as a narsasist! It’s always about what others are doing to him!!!! Meridian needs to move on because obviously Kody never wants her to be his wife! He only wants Robyn I feel and that’s how it will end up. I hope they all leave him and take their money with them!!

  5. Cody is an ass it’s perfectly fine only to have sex with crybaby Robyn but Heaven forbid if the other wives want a physical relationship

  6. I totally agree! That man should have been financially fit to afford 4 women! I’m sure he has paid the way for Robyn’s kids for college! Janelle move on with your life ,think about your family! Robyn and Cody need to move on without the show! He is a Bum, living off wives that worked there tails off! Janelle,sell RV and put cash towards down payment on your house! They need to sell Robyn home and downsize ! Move on! Women we need to watch you all single and surviving!!

  7. Thankful to see Christine finally moving on to what will surely be a happier life. Why is it Kody thinks he’s the one suffering here? She’s been suffering for years, right along with so many of the children. Now Janelle is having issues. As far as Mary is concerned, her staying why????? nobody knows, Kody wants nothing to do with her, she just looks like an idiot. Sweet Robyn, I must say I feel sorry for you, what you see in this looser makes absolutely no sense. I only wish for happiness in these women and children’s future.

  8. Janelle honey don’t let Kody dictate to you. I was so proud you stood up but don’t let him badger you, he isn’t a husband to you he only wants what is best for Robin and her kids. You did great you have good kids but not that he cared for them. CUT the rope you deserve to do what you want. He is riding your coat tail your taking care of him he’s all about himself and his sexual needs.

  9. Robyn and her kids live in a million dollar mansion and Janelle lives in an RV. What more is there that needs to be said?

  10. This is a con, Robin came in with nothing and now throughKody has omelets legal rights to their money. She will get rid of him eventually and leave them all with nothing.Janelle, Mari, and Christine are the family work horses. Janelle used her retirement to buy Robin’s house, and us scolded for buying an RV. Really?

  11. I think Janelle should definitely leave Kody so should Meri. He’s a egocentric jerk who thinks he’s gods gift to the world.

  12. What can we say about kody that hasn’t already been said. He is a horrible individual that uses woman for his own needs. I don’t think he has ever had a real job and has depended o them to work their pyramid scheme jobs to scrap by and live. His only income is hoarding the money they all make off the show and what janell has made working her ass off selling real estate. The thing that needs to happen in s loose the show and he and robin and her grown arrogant children who disrespect the other women and leave.

    1. If any of these four women had the smallest bit of self-esteem they wouldnot have entered into this plural marriage so it should be no surprise to anyone that apart from Christine ( who has finally walked away) they are all still looking for Cody’s approval.
      The reason this situation has endured is because the women see Cody as some kind of essential Savior for what they feel are their own individual inadequacies..
      This in turn has fed Cody’s desperate ego.
      So the show goes on.
      Had anyone these four wives the slightest respect or care for each other they’d have never stood silent letting Cody’s divorce Meri no matter the proposed reasoning.
      They are all desperate individuals; each as bad as the other.

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