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Christine Brown Simply Wanted Kody To Love & Cherish Her

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Sister Wives fans have watched the plural family slowly fall apart in Season 17. Now, viewers are taking to social media to discuss why it has taken so long for Christine Brown and the other wives to wake up and leave Kody Brown. There are some speculations about why, but some fans believe feelings come into play more than anything. Keep reading to see what fans are saying!

Season 17 Highlights Christine’s Departure

Season 17 of Sister Wives has mainly focused on Christine Brown leaving the plural family and the fallout from her departure. Fans have seen the drama unfold on television over the last few weeks.

Christine Brown breaking the news that she is leaving to the family on YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

Each of the wives and Kody have reacted to Christine leaving differently. Janelle Brown stood by her side and it has been rumored that she might leave the family too, though nothing has been made official. Robyn Brown broke down in questionable tears and Meri was upset too.

However, now that some of the women in the family have had enough of Kody Brown and his favoritism towards Robyn, some fans are asking why any of them stayed, to begin with. Those who have been watching since Season 1 have seen things steadily decline between the wives and Kody since Robyn’s arrival.

At the same time, long-time viewers know that things weren’t perfect before that either. So, why did Christine stay as long as she did?

Why Did Christine Brown Stay So Long?

Some fans took to Facebook recently to discuss why Christine Brown stayed with Kody for the 25 years she did. Some speculated that she stayed for the children. Now that many of them are grown up, she can feel the void in her relationship with Kody.

One fan pointed out that, maybe, Christine just wanted to be genuinely loved by Kody. “All Christine wanted was to be loved and cherished,” they wrote. “He couldn’t give that to her. He gave it all to Robyn.”

'Sister Wives' fans discuss why Christine Brown is leaving the family on a TLC Facebook page


It may simply boil down to not feeling loved or cherished by your spouse. None of the wives, save for Robyn, have felt this way in a long time.

Other people seemed to agree that, in the end, Kody stopped paying attention to Christine and the other wives. That is why the plural family is falling apart now. If he had given them the love they needed, this may have been prevented.

What do you think? Was Christine Brown simply looking for love and Kody failed to meet her needs? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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