Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Janelle Brown Says It Is Her Time To Shine

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has had a rough few years. Kody hasn’t treated her well in a long time and the pandemic just made things worse. But now, Janelle says it’s her time to shine.

In order to support herself and her family, she sells Plexus products. Plexus is a weight-loss MLM and fans aren’t crazy about the fact that Janelle sells the products. However, she genuinely seems happy with her life.

In one of her latest posts, she absolutely glows and radiates happiness. It’s not hard at all to see why she’s shining and joyful.

Janelle Brown seems incredibly happy on social media these days

TLC star Janelle Brown has a lot to be excited about these days. Her oldest son Logan just tied the knot. On top of that, it seems like her Plexus business is growing and expanding. Kody doesn’t ever appear on her social media page — and fans think that’s definitely a reason to smile.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC

But this week, Janelle decided to share another reason to smile.

“It’s your time to shine! 💫” the TLC star captioned a recent Instagram post. “Did you know it takes four weeks for you to notice a change in your body, 8 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Progress takes time. The time will pass anyway, and coming from someone who has been in your shoes and tried it ALL, this was game changing.”

She went on to encourage her followers to reach out and ask for more details about the product. Not everyone was excited about the Plexus product, but fans noticed how happy Janelle seemed to be.

I gotta tell you, you look happy and amazing,” one fan wrote in the comments.

“You look wonderful, Janelle! You just glow!” another added.

What do you think? What’s making Janelle glow and shine these days? Leave your own ideas in the comments below.

Rumor has it that she left Kody Brown for good

Fans can’t say for sure that Janelle Brown really left the family. But there have been many clues over the past year that indicate that she has indeed left him.

Most recently, Gwendlyn Brown seemed to let that information leak on a live stream. She suggested that only Kody, Meri, and Robyn were married these days. Janelle and Kody also didn’t sit together at their son Logan’s wedding and seemed to steer far away from each other. If Janelle is actually glowing, it might because she’s exploring life as a single mom these days. Christine definitely appeared to be much happier after she left. It only makes sense that Janelle would be just as excited to escape.

Tune into the newest episode of Sister Wives this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. If Janelle has left the family, it will be some time before the show covers it. But for now, fans can wait and enjoy the rest of Season 17.

Stay tuned for more.

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