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The Real Reason Christine Brown Endured Kody So Long

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown officially divorced Kody Brown 25 years after their marriage. The latest season of the TLC show chronicles the former couple’s separation and the family’s reaction to this news. Both Christine and Kody announced their separation on Instagram in November 2021. However, fans wonder why Christine stuck with Kody for so long. Keep reading to find out the details!

Sister Wives Christine Brown Wanted The Entire Family

Christine never just wanted Kody in her life. She loved the idea of having multiple sister wives around. The reality star revealed that she wanted the whole family and not just Kody. As per US Magazine, at the beginning of the series, the 50-year-old stated, “It’s so out there and beyond my understanding to have a guy around every night. I felt, like, it would cramp my style a lot because I’d never had that as soon as Kody and I married. I was the third wife. And so, I really like the independence that I have and I love the freedom that I have.”

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

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However, in the same interview, Christine revealed that Kody has never been an equal partner in their relationship. She even went as far as to dub their marriage a sad one. The mother of six admitted that she never wanted a relationship that has had extremely limited physical contact, not even hand-holding.

Gabriel Brown Admits Christine Was The Primary Caregiver

So, why has she stuck around for so long? Fans feel it is because of the Brown family kids. Christine has taken care of all the needs of the kids while Janelle handled the finances. She was the sole care provider while the kids were growing up.

Gabriel Brown YouTube

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So much so, that Janelle’s son Gabriel Brown even admitted that Christine was the family’s primary caregiver. She raised them all as her own.

Sister Wives Fans Feel Christine Stayed For The Kids

Discussing the possibility, Sister Wives fans took to a Facebook forum. One wrote, “She stayed cause the family was dense….now that everyone is growing up and moving away the silence in the relationship began to get louder and louder. He should understand that next time he says she is being selfish. Smh!!!”

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

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Another agreed and explained, “A lot of marriages fail once the kids are grown because they don’t know each other as spouses anymore just as parents. Now that a lot of the kids are grown the ‘family’ has gotten smaller giving her more time to realize what she really wanted for herself.”

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“She was too busy to be lonely when she had all those kids to love on,” chimed a third fan.

Although Christine might have stayed this long in a broken marriage, she is also leaving for the sake of her kids. Given Kody’s obvious bias for Robyn’s kids, Christine decided it was better they separate now than later.

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

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Do you think this is the real reason Christine stayed in a bad spiritual marriage for so long? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I’ve watched Sister Wives from the very beginning of the show. Saw wonderful family moments where the children really loved their brothers and sisters and all of their Moms and Kody. Of course there were some bad moments too. One thing that I want to say: now Kody knows how Meri felt. To want love and companionship and to be told that I don’t love or trust you and there will never be anything romantic between us. Ha Ha. Kody is upset because a woman has told him that she doesn’t want to be with him. His manhood/ego has been hurt.

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